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PURO Hotels used the pandemic reset to digitize business processes using WEBCON BPS low-code platform. The results included reduced costs and increased focus on guest satisfaction.

When many market competitors opted to freeze or reduce their investments, the PURO Hotels network took advantage of the pandemic period to digitize business processes using low-code technology. Their use of the platform provided by European technology leader WEBCON resulted in accelerated document handling, reduced employee time and energy, and increased transparency – all of which resulted in the transformation of the company’s corporate culture. This initial phase’s results are leading to a continued and ongoing set of similar efforts.

PURO Hotels, the first lifestyle hotel brand in Poland, currently operates a portfolio of seven modern hotel facilities. Each year, on average, 42,000 invoices pass through the accounting departments of the PURO Hotels network. In the face of the pandemic and its related lockdowns, continuing to base its administration on paper documents was hindering the effective functioning of the company. Therefore, in order to meet this challenge, PURO decided to implement the WEBCON BPS platform to digitize and automate business processes and digital document workflows.

„PURO’s situation required meeting many simultaneous requirements: getting rid of paper, digital improvements to the process, supporting and the multi-company and multilingual nature of the organization – and implementing it all within short time. These kinds of elaborate needs are a solid test for any low-code platform, and we’re very happy that we were able to meet them all at once”

commented Michał Rykiert, Head of Business Development at WEBCON.

The implementation of digital invoice workflow in PURO allowed for the optimization and standardization of the process, which significantly accelerated its performance. As a result of improvements in this one area only, the company estimates savings of over two thousand hours per year. That means saving two full time jobs. More importantly, however, the benefits of automation extend beyond the accounting department. Thanks to the digital invoice workflow, operational employees and managers of other departments can now focus on the most important task: serving hotel guests and taking care of the highest-quality guest experience.

“At PURO, we always put our guests first. We employ great specialists whose task is to take care of the experience while staying in our hotels. We want them to be able to pursue what they are best at with passion, which is why we decided to implement technology that will enable that – relieving them of administrative tasks and paperwork”

said Siren Knudsen, Director of office and Internal Processes at PURO Hotels.

Thanks to the invoice approval workflow automation, document processing is not only faster, it’s much more transparent. Clear procedures and easier access to information brought about a beneficial transformation in the company’s organizational culture.

Knudsen also pointed out “during the digitization process, we noticed positive changes in the organizational culture. Before our eyes, the quality of cooperation between individual departments improved. Employees communicate much better with each other and have greater knowledge of what their colleagues from other teams are doing, which makes it easier for them to appreciate each other or offer support. Knowing that we function as one body translates into a better experience for both our employees and our guests.”

The company is already working on further improvements using WEBCON’s low-code technology. The WEBCON BPS platform allows them to deliver applications supporting business processes quickly, flexibly and without coding. Upcoming plans include automating business trips and asset management, simplifying employee onboarding and offboarding, and digitizing the document archive. These efforts will not only have a positive impact by making it easier for employees to perform their daily duties and by eliminating paper documents; they will, above all, allow the organization to respond with even more agility to changes in their business, economic, and social environments.

„For many years and at many organizations, ‘digital transformation’ was a meaningless, empty buzzword. In PURO Hotels it is clearly visible what it means in practice and how important it is to the business conducted by the company”, said Łukasz Wróbel, Vice President of WEBCON. “We are glad that the organization found our platform do be so accommodating.”

Industry leaders such as Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, Pratt & Whitney have also chosen the WEBCON platform. With its help, they build applications supporting both internal processes, such as the invoice approval or contract management, and business-critical ones. Thanks to the WEBCON BPS platform, companies work more efficiently, make better business decisions and generate savings resulting from better process management.

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