100% Paperless Office Possible with Office 365 and SharePoint Workflow, Leveraged with Business Applications

WEBCON BPS creates a single, friendly and digital workplace that empowers employees with automating and streamlining their day-to-day tasks. The platform provides a comprehensive and powerful Document Management System, offering a handful of integration features and innovative mechanisms and automations (like e.g. OCR and AI content recognition). With a highly intuitive and familiar interface, handy SharePoint, Teams, Outlook and Word integrations, as well as a full support for mobile devices, users enjoy a digital workplace that simply makes their work easier and way more rewarding. Isn’t it more fun to work in a truly paperless office, with all the relevant data, documents and emails at your fingertips?

Turn you SharePoint workflow into the ultimate Business Process Management platform

Pondering how to maximize the business value of your SharePoint? How to get the users falling in love with the platform? Process-centric SharePoint workflow built in WEBCON BPS is the key to success!

Just imagine an intranet that users love, that allows them to get their work done efficiently within a single digital workplace, and that keeps up with the changes of today’s fast paced business. Intuitive business applications built on top of SharePoint workflow can make this happen. Applications delivered with WEBCON BPS give users easy access to their tasks and most up-to-date information, while ensuring their work is carried out according to the latest best practices and procedures. A self-explanatory user interface and powerful personal productivity tools guarantee smiles on your users’ faces and truly paperless office.


How to leverage Office 365 and SharePoint with workflow-based business applications?

As WEBCON BPS is built on a .NET/IIS/SQL Server infrastructure, it interoperates with Microsoft 365 very tightly. The platform ties into:

  • Teams
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint: pages, lists and libraries
  • Mobile applications
  • Search
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Azure Active Directory.

The WEBCON BPS business applications not only surface inside of Microsoft 365, but they also create and interact with its content and services. It provides both end user productivity and administrative governance solutions.

Watch this demo webinar on demand to see how it all works in practice:



90% of your daily work spent in MS Outlook? No worries, we’ve got you covered! WEBCON BPS makes your business applications available directly in Outlook, so you don’t have to switch between different interfaces anymore. Fill in forms, accomplish tasks, link conversations, without even leaving the Outlook window.

Check out what other user interface options WEBCON BPS has to offer.


How does WEBCON BPS integrate with SharePoint and Office 365 workflow?

The platform can be tightly integrated into your Office 365 workflow and SharePoint ecosystem. You can either run WEBCON BPS Portal directly from the portal.office.com (as an Office 365 workflow app), or embed it into MS SharePoint sites or MS Teams.

What’s more, if you are still maintaining a SharePoint Server on-premises, you can install WEBCON BPS as a solution for SharePoint. No matter what you choose, the applications you build can refer to the content of SharePoint lists and document libraries. You can upload new or update the existing items there, and even configure the SharePoint sites and privileges.

What’s more, you can always move workflows built on-premises up to the Cloud, or down, to on-premises. WEBCON BPS uses exactly the same engine no matter it’s in SaaS, Azure VM or on-prem deployments.

Learn more on how easily you can integrate WEBCON BPS not only with the Microsoft technologies (e.g. as an Office 365 workflow) but virtually any third-party system supporting business operations.


We’ve grown with SharePoint

WEBCON has always been a good citizen in Microsoft Nation, dedicated to making the best platform for quick development of business applications based on SharePoint workflow.

Thanks to the extremely effective and innovative product and rapidly expanding international partnership network, WEBCON is now one of the most dynamically growing companies in the area of BPM, workflow and process automation systems for SharePoint.

And at the top of that, WEBCON BPS was voted the Best SharePoint Solution at the 2015 European SharePoint Community Awards.

Huge functionalities like Word Add-In (generation of documents, versioning management) or Outlook Add-In (business application management via Outlook) are released as part of regular WEBCON BPS updates, free of charge. Whereas most of the solutions on the market are divided into workflow and forms modules, paid separately. Not to mention additional ones.

Now, our users can choose whether they want to implement WEBCON BPS on top of SharePoint, or not (since the platform version 2019) the both ways are fully supported, so it’s all up to your technological requirements, IT infrastructure concept and the business vision of how your paperless office should look like.

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