Business trip workflow


The implementation of WEBCON BPS enables support for domestic and foreign business trip registration and reimbursement.




Electronic support for domestic and foreign business trip registration and reimbursement usually involves the following steps:

  • registration of a business trip by the delegated person or their immediate supervisor;
  • entering a business trip assignment (assignment to a cost center, project, contractor, etc.);
  • application approval by immediate supervisor;
  • notifying the cash desk of the granted advance payment (especially if granted in foreign currency);
  • notifying the delegated employee when they can collect the advance;
  • entering transportation details and details of other travel expenses;
  • physical reimbursement of the business trip and scanning of the accounting documents; and
  • registering business trip costs in the financial accounting system.

For each step, there is a clear form which makes it easy to enter all the required information. With the possibility to attach the scanned documents directly from the document workflow level, archiving the accounting documents for correct reimbursement of a business trip is very convenient.


New instance business trip in WEBCON BPS


Optional integration with the accounting system allows not only downloading dictionaries (e.g. a list of cost centers, account analytics, contractor analytics, etc.), but also entering appropriate posting orders and cash office documents into the system once the trip is reimbursed.


sending business trip data to ERP system from WEBCON BPS


In the context of processing business trip-related workflows, the essential features of WEBCON BPS include:

  • the possibility of in-house modeling of any number of HR-related requests without no additional costs for external services;
  • effective change management, including efficient temporary replacement support and task delegation;
  • the possibility to modify an existing workflow in case business procedures change, including modifications made by the IT department on the client’s side;
  • full monitoring of the registered and processed requisitions, including the history of approvals and changes;
  • process reporting, including the identification of bottlenecks;
  • integration with company personnel systems and Microsoft Exchange;
  • support of large volumes of data and large number of system users.


Examples of other personnel requests which are supported by WEBCON BPS include:

  • registration and approval of leave requests,
  • registration and approval process of pay raise requests, position change requests, change of employment form requests,
  • processing of new admissions, including workplace organization,
  • processing of terminations, including circulation sheet support,
  • company car reimbursement.


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