Digital signature support in WEBCON BPS

Ensure enhanced security of digitalized documents with WEBCON BPS. While OCR is the primary tool to make the transition from paper documents to electronic, digital signature offers a security layer during file exchange, whether internal or external.


Digital signing of documents ensures:

  • authenticity – explicit identification of the person signing the document,
  • integrity – the document cannot be changed by any third party,
  • incontestability – person who signed the document can’t deny the fact.

As an additional feature, a time stamp can be used to pinpoint the exact date and time when the user signed the document.


Digital signature with Certificate X.509

WEBCON BPS allows to sign attachments in .PDF and .docx format with certificates offered by Windows Central Certificate Store. To do so, a proper action has to be configured in WEBCON BPS. Two modes are available:

  • signature by an individual user,
  • signature by a server (useful for mass approval and mass dispatch of documents).

From the user’s perspective, using digital signatures is easy and intuitive. Just choose the right option from the attachment menu and indicate the certificate to use for signing the document. When you’re done, you can instantly preview the attachment and the signature used.


Digital signature of PDF files with use of DocuSign

Whenever more complex methods of digital signing are needed, use an external component: DocuSign. Thanks to a built-in WEBCON BPS connector, its configuration and use is trivial. DocuSign allows using advanced digital signatures, also in the graphical form, which are compatible with legal regulations in multiple countries all over the world. Currently, DocuSign is being used in 188 countries.

WEBCON BPS connector for DocuSign is free of charge, however purchasing external DocuSign licenses is required. A full list of module functionalities is available on the producer’s website.


Digital signature verification

WEBCON BPS also offers verification of digital signatures. This complements the previously described features and adds the additional security layer. It may be used to verify the correctness of the signature and trust of the certificate issuer. At the same time, you can check each parameter of the signature: validity date, reference list, etc.

Depending on business requirements, the system may prevent further actions (e.g. proceeding to next step) if any irregularities in digital signature are detected. Alternatively, it may only display correct information for the end user.

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