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Tutorial videos

WEBCON BPS: Creating a Prototype with Designer Desk (Part 2)

Continue learning how to easily turn ideas into business applications with WEBCON Designer Desk.

Tutorial videos

WEBCON BPS 2022 Installation Guide

Watch the WEBCON BPS 2022 installation guide and see how easy it is to instal our low-code platform!

Tutorial videos

WEBCON BPS: Creating a Prototype with Designer Desk (Part 1)

Learn how to easily turn ideas into functional, interactive, and fully documented applications using WEBCON Designer Desk.

Interviews with partners

Vater Solution (Germany) on Partnership with WEBCON

Vater Solution is our Partner since 2015. Watch the video and find out what they think about our collaboration.

Tutorial videos

Building Business Process Solutions: with MS Power Platform, with WEBCON BPS, and without Cutting Corners

Learn how to build a complete end-to-end solution, and compare how you do it with MS Power Platform, and how with our WEBCON BPS low-code platform

Marketing materials

Why and When Power Platform People Look at WEBCON BPS?

Learn 7 reasons why and when Power Platform users should look at WEBCON BPS, and what value low-code business process automation and management platform brings to the table.


“Minimum Viable Product” is a Lie Unless It’s a Maximum Evolvable Product

MVP is a great idea, but only if it’s the start of a cycle of continuous improvement.


How and Why WEBCON BPS Scales and Performs to Enterprise Standards

This webinar will explain, illustrate, and demonstrate a variety of features that make applications you build with WEBCON BPS solid, secure, and successful.

Marketing materials

Composite vs. Integrated Applications

What’s the difference between composite and integrated solutions, and why we at WEBCON are all for integrated applications? Find out now!


Streamlining Remote Work with WEBCON BPS Free Business Applications

Learn the capabilities of our 8 free apllications that help increase productivity, save time, streamline remote work and accelerate results.


Connections, Data Sources, Integration Actions: Interoperability & Responsibility

Learn how to create a data connection, build, test, and govern data sources, use data sources for form choice fields, lookup external data in workflow business rules and more.


Dealing with Multiple Divisions, Languages, Currencies, and Surrogates

Watch this webinar recording and learn how WEBCON BPS handles multiple divisions, languages, currencies, and surrogates.


How WEBCON BPS Addresses Agile Organizations

Learn how WEBCON BPS supports companies in managing change by allowing them to quickly adjust their business processes and brings them closer to becoming adaptable organizations!


How WEBCON BPS Does Rules Right

Learn how WEBCON BPS is focused on reusing logic wherever possible, and how it makes applications easier to write and even easier to modify!


WEBCON BPS Case Folders & SharePoint Records: the Best of Both Worlds

Watch this webinar recording and learn how WEBCON BPS case folders work and which benefits they offer.

Interviews with partners

Dolphin IT Solutions (UK) on Partnership with WEBCON

Dolphin IT Solutions is our Partner since 2016. Watch the video and find out what they think about our collaboration.


How WEBCON Offers “Tasks – But Better”

Watch the webinar and learn how WEBCON BPS handles tasks pays off in user experience, application curation, and company-wide productivity.


Item Lists: Repeating Data Done Right

This webinar drills down on the topic of master/detail forms, how WEBCON designed an ideal way to handle them, and how you can take full advantage of our feature set.

Interviews with partners

BPM Experts (Netherlands) on Partnership with WEBCON

BPM Experts is our Partner since 2016. Watch the video and find out what they think about our collaboration.


Seven Ways to Wrangle Remote Workforces with WEBCON BPS

Watch the webinar and learn how our series of ready-to-use solutions can help remote work, and how you can make use of them yourself.

Marketing materials

What is InstantChange & why is it a game-changer in business application delivery?

No coding, no deploying, no waiting. Build future-proof applications that users love. Watch this video to see it all in action!

Case studies

Why did a general contractor need a low-code platform? – Interview with CIO at Warbud

Warbud is one of Poland's largest construction companies. Watch an interview with Rafał Gliński, Digitization and Information Technology Director.


Microsoft 365 and low-code applications – see where WEBCON BPS makes a difference

The WEBCON BPS platform integrates more tightly with Microsoft 365 than you realize. Join this webinar and discover the possibilities of our platform.


Multi-Page Forms in WEBCON BPS

In this video you'll learn a wonderful way to work with multi-page forms. Next step, new person: new page. Form flow and process flow: same model.


Multi-Language Support in WEBCON BPS

Every single form element, workflow instruction, notification message, and even lookup data, can adapt to multiple users in multiple languages. Globalization is wired into our DNA.