Leave request workflow

Leave request is one of many HR-related workflows that can be automated using WEBCON BPS.

The process of submitting a leave request and obtaining approval involves an applicant, their immediate supervisor and the personnel department seems very complicated at first. In practice, processing a leave request usually involves:

  • automatic verification of the amount of leave an applicant is entitled to at the registration stage;
  • verification of dates based on leave requests submitted in the department to coordinate absences;
  • sending the request to the superior for approval;
  • notifying the personnel department of the approved leave request, followed by entering the leave in the HR system;
  • automatic setting of employee's absence in Microsoft Exchange calendar; and
  • automatic setting of a replacement in workflow processes being assigned to the substitute.

An important feature of the WEBCON BPS platform is the possibility to link additional actions to each step of the above process. These actions may include emailing the supervisor after submitting the leave request and emailing the substitute once the request is approved, entering the approval into the HR system, notifying customers assigned to a given employee, etc.


new instance leave request workflow in WEBCON BPS


In the context of HR-related workflows, essential features of WEBCON BPS include:

  • the possibility to model any number of HR-related workflows with no extra fees for external services;
  • effective change management, including efficient temporary replacement support and task delegation;
  • the possibility to modify an existing workflow in case business procedures change, including the modifications introduced by the IT department on the client’s side;
  • full-scale monitoring of the registered and processed requests, including history of approvals and implemented changes;
  • process reporting, including identification of bottlenecks;
  • integration with company HR systems and Microsoft Exchange; and
  • support of large volumes of data and large numbers of system users.


Vacation schedule leave request workflow in WEBCON BPS


Examples of other HR-related workflows that can be processed using WEBCON BPS include:

  • registration and reimbursement of all types of business trips, including advance payments;
  • registration and approval process of requests for a pay raise, job position change or change in terms of employment;
  • processing new admissions, including organization of a workplace;
  • processing terminations, including a circulation sheet support;
  • company car reimbursement.


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