The benefits of SharePoint implementations

Properly implemented, Microsoft SharePoint becomes a commonly used team work environment and a solid foundation not only for a company intranet, but also dedicated applications and third party SharePoint solutions.

The platform’s implementation ensures that:

  • all documents, forms, surveys and questionnaires are stored in one place, sectioned into subject areas;
  • the flow of documents as well as their analytical description and approval (provided by a SharePoint workflow) are carried out according to your company’s best practice, in an end-user-friendly environment;
  • access to documents will be consistent with the company's organizational structure and individual employees’ permission level;
  • documents and information are available in no time;
  • any document processed by a group of employees keeps its integrity and validity;
  • history of each saved document is stored, and the system will notify its owner of any amendment;
  • a separate page will be created for each realized project to monitor related activities and manage work progress;
  • innovative ideas and solutions regarding the projects can germinate in their discussion lists;
  • employees’ work time and task execution is made easier with access to calendars and task list;
  • mobile work is supported thanks to full integration with Microsoft Office, synchronizing calendars, contacts, tasks or lists of documents;

Dedicated solutions based on SharePoint

A platform based on Microsoft SharePoint enables also to integrate personal solutions that support the specific character of your company’s area of operation. In such a case, companies usually create dedicated applications, which is time-consuming and costly in most cases.

On the contrary, WEBCON BPS turns workflows into business solutions with the same level of functionality as hard-coded, dedicated applications. In practice, many of WEBCON clients who previously used dedicated SharePoint-based applications transfer their functionalities to WEBCON BPS. This brings clearly visible benefits, such as a single, homogenous interface for all users, the ability to introduce modifications quickly and easily, or just one platform to maintain.

With WEBCON BPS you can:

  • build CRM solutions within SharePoint,
  • integrate with Business Intelligence solutions,
  • integrate with Microsoft Project and carry out (along with reporting) project tasks just like in case of regular workflows,
  • display progress, vacation charts, documents in the form of a Gantt chart,
  • create solutions tailored to your specific needs.

According to Jacek Kujawa, the vice president of the biggest Polish clothing company, LPP S.A.:

‘[With the implementation of WEBCON BPS] we got a solution that is tailored to our needs just like any turnkey project, but still easy to manage, develop and modify in the future. Therefore, it is cost-effective and offers high return on investment.’

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