Streamline remote work
with free business applications

Remote work is here to stay. Market leaders show us, it is the new normal. If you want your company to thrive, you need to pivot from making remote work just possible, to practical solutions that increase productivity, preserve know-how and empower adaptivity of your company.

We have prepared a series of applications that will effectively tie your distributed workforce together. Watch the video and see our Remote Work Application applications in action!

The Remote Work Applications focus on business processes and help you get paperless. You can start using them instantly by subscribing to our WEBCON BPS Cloud free trial that just got extended to 30 days, or download them and use on top of ever-free on-prem WEBCON BPS Express.

Discover a wonderful way to workflow!

Employee Profile

Collect information on who works for you, at what location, how to reach them and when they are at their desks.

Time Clock

Punch in, report on the tasks that you work on – with minimum data entry – and document your work for review.

Task Assignment

Keep track of your tasks, log your work, create sub-tasks, assign them to others and more.

Document Distribution

Notify coworkers about documents they need to read, get their feedback, track and document it.


Manage physical mail that comes in – and order outgoing mail to be send out.

Procurement Requests

Discover the missing piece of procurement: here is where employees ask managers to order things for them.


A simple and effective solution for managing issues, designed to be low impact on users.

Employee Dashboard

This app ties everything together. See all your tasks, documents, mail, issues and requests in one place.

Watch WEBCON BPS distributed workforce apps in action

Mike Fitzmaurice bio

Watch Mike Fitzmaurice, WEBCON Chief Evangelist and VP North America, explain how the solutions work. See how easily you can adapt WEBCON BPS apps to your needs and requirements. Each one is meant to be customized, and they can be changed in a blink with our InstantChangeTM technology.

Get the Remote Work Applications now!

30 day FREE trial (SaaS)

WEBCON BPS Cloud is a solution delivered in the SaaS model, now available with 30 day free trial period.

To get started:

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose a free trial subscription option
  3. Start using the pre-installed applications

Download WEBCON BPS Express

WEBCON BPS Express is a freemium version of the platform, for on-premises and IaaS tenants.

To get started:

  1. Register
  2. Download WEBCON BPS Express
  3. Download Remote Work Applications
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