4 tips to get C-level support
for your workflow automation projects

Imagine that a brilliant idea for a business-changing project strikes. You have carefully examined its value, realize its potential, and you’re determined to bring it to life. Then reality hits: a lack of budget, support, time, or resources, you name it. As a result, your innovative idea never sees the light of day. Sound familiar? If the answer is Yes, this e-book will be a real game-changer!

Since 2006 we helped hundreds of organizations worldwide digitalize their businesses and successfully manage and thrive on change. We have seen firsthand that even though organizations realize the need for picking up the pace of digitalization, there is still much hesitation and resistance when a new idea is being introduced. In these cases – it’s crucial to properly present the project to C-level management.

We’ve identified 4 proven tips from our experience that significantly increase the chances of getting a green light from management for a new project. Because workflow automation is our area of expertise we use it in our examples, but these tips are universal and can be applied to any idea you plan on selling inside your organization. We hope this e-book will be a useful tool for you and all of your future ideas!

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