The Basic Level course is the best way to start your adventure with the platform and to gain essential skills in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio configuration. The classes are held at WEBCON’s offices in Krakow.


Choose this course if: 

  • You are about to start your adventure with WEBCON BPS in an organization that has already been using it  
  • Your company partners with WEBCON  
  • You are interested in modern technologies for process automation and business application development (low-code)  
  • You deliver and maintain business applications and tasks and document workflows


What will you learn from the course?  

  • How to configure processes 
  • How to configure Designer Studio 
  • How actions and instances work in business applications 
  • How to develop applications that work properly 
  • How to develop table and graphic reports 


How can you benefit? 

The Basic Level course is more than just another training course in your professional career and education – it offers you a great opportunity to take up new roles and challenges in an organization. Knowing how to configure business processes based on the renowned and truly innovative WEBCON BPS technology allows you to easily change your career to become an analyst or an implementation specialist for business processes and workflow automation, whichever you prefer. 


What do we expect of our participants? 

In order to take part in the Basic Level course, you need no specialist skills in making SQL queries, JavaScript, or any other advanced IT systems.  

However, it is important that you have a general basic knowledge of the functioning and composition of business processes and applications in an organization. And if you know something about managing through processes – that’s even better! 

We also appreciate an understanding of the concept of business application development, their purpose and functioning, and know how to report and provide the collected and processed information to the business.  


What’s next? 

When you have completed the Basic Level course, you can move on to the Advanced Level course in your selected Training Track. Additionally, you can take the Expert Level course in your preferred option: Development, Document Management, or Administration. 

You can become an implementation specialist, a sales representative, a business analyst, an IT specialist, a department head or a team member responsible for implementing business processes based on WEBCON BPS in your company. 


During the course you will:

  • Learn to build workflows on the WEBCON BPS platform at an intermediate level
  • Learn to create and modify data sources;
  • Learn to customize the created solutions using form rules and business rules
  • Learn to manage WEBCON BPS Portal – a multi-tool for business process visualizations
  • Find out how to use WEBCON BPS Web Parts in SharePoint sites
  • Get to know WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and its capabilities


The organizer provides:

  • IT environment for training and the participant’s own work
  • Training materials, presentations (also printed) and aids
  • Coffee breaks and catering
  • Space for your own work
  • Consultations with the trainer during the course


The participants should:

  • Have a laptop to work at the course with MS Outlook, MS Work and MS Excel,
  • Choose their desired Training Track and notify WEBCON of their choice when ordering the course
  • Choose the training mode (at WEBCON’s offices or remotely) and notify WEBCON of their choice when ordering the course
  • Actively participate in the training
  • Accept the WEBCON Academy Terms & Conditions

The Basic Level courses are held at WEBCON’s offices in Krakow.



First run of WEBCON BPS Designer Studio

  • Entering the WEBCON BPS Portal address
  • Setting up a connection to the database


  • Application, process – definitions

Company Purchases Application

  • Document workflow
  • Attributes
  • Form type
  • Attributes on the form
  • Attribute matrix

Visualizing applications – WEBCON BPS Portal

  • WEBCON BPS Portal – main page
  • WEBCON BPS Portal – website for applications

WEBCON BPS Portal – configuration

  • Start Button for the Requisition Process (WEBCON BPS Studio)
  • All requisitions report (WEBCON BPS Studio)
  • Dashboard – (WEBCON BPS Portal)

Visualization on SharePoint websites (classic)

  • Start Process button on the SharePoint website
  • My Active Tasks Report on the SharePoint website
  • All requisitions report on the SharePoint website

Breaking inheritance between workflow steps


  • ‘Change field value’ type of action
  • Email notifications
  • Email – templates


Data Table type attribute

  • Adding a BPS Source
  • Data Table attribute

Conditional workflow control

  • Workflow Control step
  • Condition for Workflow Control
  • Global constants

Timeout – time limit for an action

  • Definition of timeout
  • Linking an action to timeout

Conditional task assignment

  • SharePoint list: “Categories”
  • SharePoint list “Categories” as a data source
  • Category attribute
  • Step – Substantive approval

List of requisition items

  • Goods as a SharePoint list
  • Goods list as a SharePoint data source
  • List of requisition items attribute
  • Linking the Name column to a data source
  • List of requisition items attribute on the form
  • Goods filtering by category
  • List of requisition items summary

List of requisition items (BPS source)

  • List of goods – dictionary process
  • List of goods as a BPS source
  • List of requisition items attribute
  • Linking the Goods name column to a data source
  • List of requisition items attribute on the form
  • Goods filtering by category
  • List of requisition items summary

Global Attributes

  • MSSQL base as a data source
  • Provider as a Global Attribute
  • Provider – Process Attributes
  • Provider – view on the form

Generating Word documents

  • Installing the WEBCON BPS Word Add-In
  • MS Word document template – definition
  • Template as a SharePoint document library element
  • Generate or Update a Word file action

User-friendly interface

  • Attribute groups
  • Tab panels and tabs
  • Colors and button layout on the form
  • Dynamically changing attribute color

Additional information

  • Privileges

Designer Studio other configuration overview


Next courses:

Given the current situation, all courses takes place remotely

 July 6-8, 2020

Check the available dates – contact us on


The course is dedicated to everyone who wants to develop their skills in WEBCON BPS process configuration and analysis. The course agenda is divided into three specializations, with classes taking place in parallel:

  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Sales

Course for those who have completed the Basic Level and want to further develop their implementation skills. You can choose from the following specialization tracks:

  • Development
  • Document management
  • Administrator

Do you have any questions? Contact us!