S03 - Use of SDK in WEBCON BPS

Choose this course if:

  • You are a C# developer
  • Your organization’s business requirements go beyond the standard 
  • You need to run an unusual or advanced integration with an external source
  • You have completed the Basics of building applications in WEBCON BPS C00 course

What will you learn from the course?

  • How to execute a code in the system using the right logic and order
  • What WEBCON BPS extensions can be developed
  • What advanced operations can be carried out on documents and attachments
  • How to develop your own personal lists of items or workflow forms
  • How to develop an integration with an external system

How can you benefit?

The competence and information obtained in the course will allow you to skillfully utilize additional capabilities of SDK, and therefore take advantage of the full potential and flexibility of WEBCON BPS. Integrating your own WEBCON BPS installation with various external systems, or adding non-standard fields to forms, will no longer be a challenge, but another area in which you can demonstrate your expertise. As practice has shown, knowledge of creating WEBCON BPS SDK add-ins is valuable, particularly when managing more advanced or not-so-typical projects for businesses.

What do we expect of our participants?

First of all, you should know the basics of object-oriented programming (including such terms as classes, interfaces and inheritance), C# development and MS Visual Studio operations. In addition, it would be helpful if you were able to create T-SQL, JavaScript, React and ASP.NET queries.

We also expect you to have completed the WEBCON Academy basic course C00.


Topics covered by the Use of SDK in WEBCON BPS​ course:

  • Introduction to SDK
  • Overview of plugin types
  • SDK objects
  • Logic behind SDK
  • Custom actions
  • Document management
  • Handling custom data sources
  • Creating a custom control and field customization
  • Item list customization
  • Item list control
  • Creating a label printout template



9:00 – 17:00


9:00 – 17:00



9:00 – 15:00


9:00 – 15:00


9:00 – 15:00

Courses can be held either remotely via Microsoft Teams, or on-site at the WEBCON offices.

The organizer will provide:

  • IT environment for the purpose of the course and for the participant’s individual work.
  • Training materials, presentations (digital and printed) and supplementary materials.
  • Coffee breaks and – when visiting WEBCON – catering.
  • Space for individual work.
  • Access to trainers and consultations.

The participant is expected to:

  • Have their own laptop to use during the course and – when participating remotely – to facilitate a videoconference connection. The laptop must have access to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Actively participate in the course.
  • Accept WEBCON Academy terms and conditions.


Basics of building applications

You will learn the basics of configuring business processes in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. You will also find out how document workflows work and how to configure manager desktops and reports, as well as how to build business rules and flexible document forms.

Certification program

The course is dedicated to everyone who wants to develop their skills in WEBCON BPS process configuration and analysis. The course agenda is divided into two specializations, with classes taking place in parallel:

  • Business analysis
  • Advanced configuration and implementation

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