Do more
than just
Process Mapping

WEBCON Designer Desk allows you to visually describe the flow of work and then test it out in a form of a working prototype.

Without coding. Free of charge. Transform the way you design process flows forever.

Should You Use
WEBCON Designer Desk

Less Negotiation
More Collaboration

Free your organization from countless meetings, ad-hoc Visio and Word documents or figuring out how to explain BPMN 2.0 notation. Collaborate on prototypes everyone sees and understands.

Drag & drop an application prototype without coding

Test it out and see it in action; improve it in real time

Walk away with accurate and actionable documentation

See How
WEBCON Designer Desk works

Model a Workflow

Drag & drop your process and describe what you want to happen. It’s that simple.

Design a Form

Decide what you need to present and what you need to collect from users. No coding or database design required.

Test the Prototype

Click a button to see your application in action. If it’s not yet what you wanted – change it and try it again . You don’t need any IT skills for that.

Generate Documentation

Don’t worry about describing everything to IT. Push one button and Designer Desk translates your prototype into a complete specification tech people will understand.

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Designer Desk Now

Sign up & start building your prototypes – it’s completely free!

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WEBCON is the leading European-based provider of a complete Low-code Application Platform for mass delivering business solutions. Companies choose WEBCON to dramatically reduce time and cost of app development. The platform allows them to automate and manage business processes across the entire organization – using a single, unified platform. Thanks to its unique InstantChange™ technology, WEBCON embraces change like no other platform on the market.


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