Rapid Prototyping with Designer Desk

How to rapidly prototype new business process applications with WEBCON’s Designer Desk

Designer Desk shines a brighter light on analysis and rapid business process applications prototyping. This no-code tool helps users, stakeholders and analysts model and annotate what they expect from an application. Then, Designer Desk produces an example – and you, and your team, can try it out right away. If it looks like what you want, one click produces documentation, which will be clearly and easy to understand for professionals applications builders. It doesn’t? Simply change the logic flow, forms, or reports as it should be done, and try it out again! It’s that simple.

It’s the new way of gathering requirements. It’s easy – and effective, too. Sounds like a real innovation? It definitely is! So it’s time to see the Designer Desk in action.

Watch the webinar we recorded during WEBCON BPS Summit 2022, an online event we held in January, and get to know the world of new possibilities!

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