Digital (r)evolution in CEDC:
IT & business shoulder to shoulder at CEDC

CEDC is one of the global market leaders in the alcohol production and distribution. CEDC is also a leading exporter of spirits to 50 countries worldwide and the largest importer of renowned whiskey brands, wines and other spirits.

CEDC took its first steps in creating collaboration tools already in 2013 with the deployment of the Microsoft SharePoint platform as the backbone of the company’s intranet portal. Shortly thereafter, the in-house IT department faced the challenge of creating dedicated applications that could support both internal administrative as well as industry specific processes.

We saw a genuine benefit of using WEBCON BPS already at the first meeting. The solution allows IT people directly responsible for the development of applications to immediately make changes that the users request and to quickly deliver the next stages of the project.

Piotr Majewski
IT Director, CEDC

Industry: Production, Distribution

Website: www.cedc.com

Location: Poland

Download: EN

After three years, CEDC is now using dozens of applications delivered with the WEBCON BPS low-code platform. The solutions, mostly developed by their in-house IT department, support inventory management, business trip and expense claims, and even alcohol quality testing. The system also manages the key data used throughout 44 subsidiaries within the group, and supports purchasing and decision making processes across the company.

WEBCON BPS enabled CEDC to:

Cut down
on process handling time

Establish effective cooperation
in the agile DevOps model

Implement best practices
in internal processes

Learn more about the implementation of WEBCON BPS in CEDC, and find out what are the benefits of business process automation. .

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