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Digital Transformation at Santa Corp 🎄 Watch the Case Study

This year, you can ask #Santa and his elves, who have just discovered the magic of WEBCON’s process automation.

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Who We Are? | WEBCON

WEBCON is a #LowCode company. We’re process people. But not just any Low-code, or any process.

Platform materials

How WEBCON Makes Citizen-Assisted Development Happen

Citizens start by building example prototypes that provide actionable requirements and clear expectations.

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WEBCON BPS 2023 Installation Guide

Watch the WEBCON BPS 2023 installation guide and see how easy it is to instal our low-code platform!

Platform materials

WEBCON Designer Desk | How it works

Designer Desk is a revolutionary process modeling software that lets users and business stakeholders use it to easily turn application ideas into functional examples.

Tutorial videos

Business application in 7 minutes with WEBCON BPS

Experience the possibilities of our platform and see how easily you can build a business application using WEBCON BPS.

Tutorial videos

WEBCON BPS: Creating a Prototype with Designer Desk (Part 1)

Learn how to easily turn ideas into functional, interactive, and fully documented applications using WEBCON Designer Desk.

Tutorial videos

WEBCON BPS: Creating a Prototype with Designer Desk (Part 2)

Continue learning how to easily turn ideas into business applications with WEBCON Designer Desk.

Tutorial videos

Menu Button |💡Quick Tips

The Menu button is one of the action triggers that we have access to. It places a button on the top ribbon of the form that will activate its underlying actions when it is clicked by a user.

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Form Field Groups |💡Quick Tips

Organizing Form fields into groups has advantages both in Designer Studio and on the end-user interface.

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Using Data Sources in Form Rules |💡Quick Tips

In this example, we set up a Form rule that is able to get data from the Calendars table, and check whether the date that a user has selected is a valid working day.

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How (not) to break inheritance on the Step Form |💡Quick Tips

Designing separate forms for each step is generally avoided, due to the convenience of the main form. However, not all configuration on the Step Form breaks inheritance with the main form.

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Validating unique values in Dictionary Fields |💡Quick Tips

Check quick tip how to validate unique values in Dictionary Fields!