Why a low-code platform
is the ideal supplement
to an ERP system

Many enterprises treat their ERP system as the centerpiece or even as the backbone of company’s processes. Well, it’s true: those platforms do a great job supporting the core processes – especially those which are legally required or regulated by the law.

Nevertheless, these are not all the processes that keep a company running and definitely not the processes that make the business run better than its competition.

The white paper “Why a low-code platform is the ideal supplement to your company’s ERP System” reveals why ERP systems are not enough to drive innovation in your business, and why it is better to digitalize processes using a dedicated low-code platform.

Get our white paper and learn:

  • Why we believe that ERP systems are not designed to be platforms for creating bespoke applications
  • Is it possible to enable IT departments to collaborate with business and do so effectively?
  • What is Citizen-assisted Development and why is that a better way to go than Citizen Development?
  • What is the key to the success of any digitization strategy?
  • What can help you in overcoming challenges in the process of becoming a more competitive, innovative organization?

…and much more!

Get the white paper:

After reading this we highly recommend checking other materials related to the topics mentioned in this white paper! If you are having hard time choosing the right low-code platform for your company’s needs, check out “A managed and sustainable low-code platform for enterprises”.

“Rethinking Citizen Development”, on the other hand, will describe you what is Citizen Development and why we believe Citizen-assisted development is a better way to go.

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