Since 2006, over 200 leading international companies have been benefitting from the full potential of theSharePoint-based Rapid Application Development platform, WEBCON BPS. The 89 points in the current Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) customer satisfaction survey makes the system a sensation in the software industry. Below, you will find more details on some of our key clients and their interesting implementations. Need more specific information? Contact us with any questions or inquiries today.
The automotive industry has always handled both manufacturing and distribution, from a single bolt to an entire fleet of completed vehicles. However, in the light of the Industry 4.0, the 21st century automotive business needs to make the best of innovations, automation and state-of-the-art solutions in the entire scope of its operations, and not only in the realm of the production floor. Learn more how BPM systems support the automotive industry.  
In the modern construction market, a construction company needs to be agile enough to operate in two business models. It needs to act as the general contractor, managing the subcontractors, or be a sub-contractor, using its own assets and workforce, depending on the current business situation. Learn how BPM systems support the construction industry.
With thousands of students and staff, as well as thousands of backstage processes running on a daily basis, education institutions require much more than efficient task and document management. Learn more how BPM systems support the academic institutions.
The greatest concern of the energy and utilities industry is its reliability, quality customer service and compliance. Providers need to ensure their services are provided 24/7, and to their customers’ highest satisfaction. Learn more how BPM systems support the energy & utilities industry.
The ultimate challenge for the financial services industry is to balance the reactivity to the ever-changing environment with risk management and strict legal boundaries. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the “problem child,” namely the phenomenon of disruptive finance, which challenges the status quo of the financial world. Learn more how BPM systems support the financial services industry.
As in similar manufacturing processes, the production of food and beverage is based on a sequence of stages; what makes this industry unique is the need of compliance with the strictest requirements related to health and safety issues. Learn more how BPM systems support the food and beverage industry.
The challenges related to the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector combine the management of a vast amount of critical documentation with adherence to strict regulations at both national and international levels. Add to that the robust human resources, and what you have is a complex ecosystem that requires a comprehensive IT solution. Learn more how BPM systems support the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector.
Faced with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a 21st century manufacturer needs to have all assets working for them in unison. Thus, innovations, automation and state-of-the-art solutions need to step outside the realm of production and fuel not only the core business, but also the supportive processes. Learn more how BPM systems support the manufacturing industry.
With business process management tools and all the digital conveniences in place, the business world sets the pace for digitalization in the 21st century. Having grown accustomed to the one-stop-shop type of service, clients of the public sector expect it to follow the trend. Learn more how BPM systems support the public sector.
Processes related to the various aspects of retail and e-commerce go literally in hundreds. The flywheel of the sector is customer service, which needs to be top-class, regardless of the merchandise. Learn more how BPM systems support the retail industry.
One of the challenges of the service sector is that the product is intangible. As a result, clients determines its quality by the results, which may not always be immediate. The challenge is to encourage clients to trust that you will deliver, and to their satisfaction. Learn more how BPM systems support the services sector.
The dual core of the transportation and travel sector comprises two very different aspects. The first one is the infrastructure network, and the other – users and employees, i.e. the human factor. Transportation and travel business requires reliability, quality customer service and compliance. Learn more how BPM systems support the transportation and travel sector.
Show clients by industry

Siemens Finance

Siemens Finance Poland was established in 1999. It is the Polish branch of Siemens Finance, a world-recognized financial company headquartered in Munich. Siemens Finance Poland offers financial solutions spanning project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans and advisory services.


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The implementation of WEBCON BPS was carried out by WEBCON’s partner ArchiDoc in 2013.

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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical engineering and electronics products. The company is active in over 120 countries in the aerospace, semiconductor, power generation and distribution, communication and information technology, consumer electronics, industrial automation and construction industries.


Mitsubishi Electric began their collaboration with WEBCON in 2014.


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Diners Club

Diners Club Italy, a branch of Diners Club International, is a part of Cornèr Bank, an independent Swiss banking institution. The company provides a range of banking and payment services, benefits and exclusive offers. Diners Club cards are accepted in 185 countries, more than million ATMs and millions of merchants worldwide.


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The implementation of WEBCON BPS was carried out by WEBCON’s partner VirtuaIT in 2014.

Haddad Apparel Group

Haddad Brands is a global children’s apparel and accessories licensing partner for the world’s most iconic brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Levi’s, and Converse. The company cooperates directly with manufacturers from around the world in Turkey, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Korea. Haddad Brands uses WEBCON BPS to optimize their internal communications, including helpdesk and document management.


Haddad Brands launched their collaboration with WEBCON in 2012.

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SG Equipment Leasing Poland

SG Equipment Leasing Poland is a leasing company operating in Poland since 1997. It specializes in commercial financing services for transportation, machinery and equipment as well as serving the high-tech industry with specialized medical and IT equipment.


Together with Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, Eurobank, ALD Automotive and PEMA, the company is a part of Societe Generale Equipment Finance, belonging to Societe Generale Group, a 150-year-old holding company operating in 67 countries worldwide.


SG Equipment Leasing Poland launched their cooperation with WEBCON in 2016.

Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG)

Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG) is the oldest established exploration, production and gas storage company in Austria, dating back to 1935. Their main areas of business operations are in oil and natural gas exploration, production and trading, and gas storage. RAG also provides other services closely related to their core business, like drilling operations and projects focused on renewables.


RAG began their collaboration with WEBCON in 2017.

ADAMA Deutschland GmbH

ADAMA Deutschland GmbH develops, registers and distributes crop protection products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company provides efficient farming solutions, including pesticides and new agricultural technologies, as well as services to complementary, non-agricultural businesses. ADAMA prides itself in its many years of innovation, a farmer-centered approach to product development, and adherence to strict environmental and quality control standards.


WEBCON’s partner Net at Work implemented WEBCON BPS for ADAMA in 2017.


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LPP S.A. is the largest and most successful clothing company in Eastern and Central Europe, producing and distributing clothing in Poland and 12 European countries since 1995. The company’s portfolio includes brands such as Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito, Sinsay and Promostars, with over 1000 retail stores.


LPP S.A. uses WEBCON BPS since 2010 to support key financial and HR processes and is used to support strategic decision making through a custom data warehouse.

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Borzen is the government-owned Power Market Operator organizing the electricity market in Slovenia. This includes activities related to balance scheme management, recording of contracts, operating schedules, settlements of imbalances, and the financial settlement of transactions.


Borzen implemented WEBCON BPS in 2018.


LINK4 is the pioneer and a leader of direct insurance in Poland. The company was founded in 2003 and was the first one to offer its clients direct insurance via telephone. Their offer includes car, home and travel insurance. Thanks to new technologies, they offer 24-hour service from any place in the country. LINK4 is also a winner of many industry awards.


LINK4 is optimizing internal processes with WEBCON Business Process Suite since 2019. Our Partner, Nexpertis, was responsible for the system implementation.

Echo Investment

Echo Investment is the largest Polish developer with extensive experience in the three main sectors of the real estate market: residential, retail and service as well as offices. As a company which is jointly responsible for the development of cities, they get involved in building large, city-forming projects that are in line with the city fibre and complement it. Their flagship project is Browary Warszawskie, which is under construction in the heart of the fastest growing district of Warsaw. They run and prepare further city-forming projects in Warsaw, Kraków, Łódź and Wrocław. Each of them is a wisely and responsibly designed fragment of the city.


Since 1996 they have been quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2015 Echo Investment has been part of a dynamically developing capital group PIMCO – Oaktree – Griffin Real Estate.


Echo Investment uses WEBCON BPS since 2018. It allows them to optimize their HR, Customer Service and Finance departments. They also automated their CRM and some individual workflows, like for example employee requests and invoice approval process.


TAURON Group operates coal mining, energy generation, distribution and supply. With 28,000 employees and assets valued at 18 billion PLN, TAURON is one of the largest companies in Central Europe. TAURON Group supplies over 45 TWh of electricity to more than 5.3 million customers per year, which makes it the largest distributor and supplier of electricity in Poland.


WEBCON BPS has been helping TAURON keep the lights on since 2013.

ABO Wind

ABO Wind is one of Europe’s most experienced wind energy developers, with over 1,300 megawatts of grid capacity installed. Founded in Germany, ABO Wind now has subsidiaries in France, Iran, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Spain and Argentina. The company initiates and delivers turnkey wind farms, together with operational management, and offers maintenance and other critical services for wind turbines.


WEBCON’s partner VSB implemented WEBCON BPS for ABO Wind in 2017.

Danwood S.A.

Danwood S.A. is a leading European company specialized in building turn-key houses. Their homes are manufactured at the Danwood Plc factory in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland, where over 1,000 houses are produced every year. Danwood is the largest manufacturer of timber-frame turn-key houses in Poland.

Danwood S.A. began their collaboration with WEBCON in December 2017.

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A member of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, MediaMarkt is a network of consumer electronics stores operating in 14 European countries with more than 800 retail stores, as well as a large, integrated e-commerce platform. It offers a huge selection of the latest in digital entertainment products, communication devices and household items, providing attractive prices and high quality products.


MediaMarkt joined the WEBCON family in 2017.

Nowy Styl Group

Nowy Styl Group is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces. Every day the company furnishes new office buildings, conference centres, cinemas, stadiums, music halls, sports and multifunctional facilities. Its portfolio consists of 6 product brands: Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Grammer Office, Rohde & Grahl, Sitag and Forum Seating.


Nowy Styl Group launched collaboration with WEBCON in 2013.

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A member of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, Saturn is a network of nearly 200 consumer electronics stores operating in 4 European countries, alongside an e-commerce presence. Customers looking for new technologies will find a wide range of state-of-the-art digital entertainment, gaming, virtual reality, home appliances, telecommunications, computers and photographic equipment.


Saturn implemented WEBCON BPS in 2017.

PGE Energia Ciepła

PGE Energia Ciepła (formerly EDF Poland, a part of Électricité de France Group, one of the largest electricity providers in the world, with operations on five continents) is a leading energy provider. The company has been operating in Poland since 1998.


PGE Energia Ciepła started their collaboration with WEBCON in 2011.


Eggborough Power Ltd.

Eggborough Power Ltd. is a 2000MW coal-fired power plant launched in 1970 that supplies energy to 2 million homes. As an independent power supplier, the plant operates in a mixed generation mode where units are run flexibly to match daily generation demands. From the early 1990’s to the present, a number of upgrades have been undertaken to improve environmental performance and to replace major components with more efficient, modern designs. In addition to the power station, Eggborough Power Ltd. also manages the Gale Common ash disposal site.


Our partner Dolphin Networks implemented WEBCON BPS at Eggborough Power Ltd. in 2018.


As the inventor of the electric hand drilling machine, FEIN has been developing innovative and unbeatably efficient solutions for everyday use by industry and manual trades for 150 years. Nowadays, FEIN manufactures power tools and special application solutions in the metal, interior and automotive sectors, marketing its products through 20 international subsidiaries and more than 50 partners around the globe.


WEBCON partner VSB began implementation of WEBCON BPS in FEIN in 2017.

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Born out of a passion for sport, OTCF is the owner of recreational and professional sportswear and equipment brands 4F, Outhorn and 4Faces. The company is the official designer and provider of sportswear for the Polish Olympic Committee, as well as a number of national sports associations.


WEBCON BPS has been optimizing document archive, legal document ticketing, cost invoice, purchase, leave request, and contractor verification workflows for OTCF since 2015.

Südzucker Poland

Südzucker Poland is the newest European member of the Südzucker Group, a leading food services company producing sugar, special products, and sustainable CropEnergies bioethanol.


Südzucker Poland has been using WEBCON PBS to automate their legal contract workflows, manage HR processes and support resource management since 2010.

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Azimut has been operating in the field of international wealth & asset management since 1989. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, the group has grown into the largest independent asset manager in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. They are currently present in over 16 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas.


Azimut launched their collaboration with WEBCON in 2017.

Zavarovalnica Sava

Zavarovalnica Sava (formerly Zavarovalnica Tilia) is an insurance company headquartered in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, a part of the second largest insurance company in the region. Sava offers life and property insurance products and services, pension funds, and complementary services.


WEBCON’s partner Kompas Xnet implemented WEBCON BPS for Sava in 2014.


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Marketing Investment Group (MIG)

Marketing Investment Group (MIG) is the leader of the Polish retail footwear market. It owns Poland’s largest multi-brand chain store Sizeer, outlet brand 50 Style, clothing brand Timberland and is also the exclusive distributor of brands like Lacoste, Umbro and Bench.


Since 2014 WEBCON BPS has been optimizing processes like client request handling, purchase orders, requisitions, document management while working to meet KPIs and delivering comprehensive reports.

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PKP S.A. is a part of PKP Group (Polish National Railways), a leader and pace-setter of the Polish rail transportation market. The company provides services related to railway transport, energy and ICT. As part of the PKP Group, PKP S.A. supervises and coordinates the activities of other railway operators, as well as handling communication and marketing for the entire PKP Group.


WEBCON BPS has been helping keep the trains running at PKP S.A. since 2013.

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Intrum Justitia Poland

Intrum Justitia is a European credit management services provider, delivering financial services and solutions to improve their client’s financial performance since 1923. Founded in Sweden, Intrum Justitia is currently present in 20 European countries, with worldwide coverage across 180 countries and more than 75,000 clients.


Intrum Justitia Poland began using WEBCON BPS in 2012.

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TRW Poland

TRW Poland is a part of TRW Automotive, the world’s leading developer and producer of active and passive safety systems. The company provides products for more than 40 major global car manufacturers and 250 different types of vehicles, both consumer and commercial.


WEBCON BPS has been helping TRW Poland keep us safe since 2014.

BFF Polska S.A.

BFF Polska S.A. (formerly Magellan) specializes in financial products and services for the healthcare industry, both public and private. The company offers financing for current activities and investments, as well as optimal and effective financial management.

WEBCON BPS has been supporting administrative processes at BFF Polska S.A. since 2013.

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OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of the American OSI Group, the premier global supplier of beef products. As a global food provider, the OSI Group partners with the world’s leading foodservice and retail brands to provide concept-to-table solutions that delight consumers around the globe.


WEBCON’s partner 7Technology implemented WEBCON BPS in 2015 to support invoice processing.

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Roedl & Partner

Roedl & Partner provides professional financial services in areas like auditing, consulting, finance and payroll accounting, law and taxes, HR and consulting. The company was established in Nuremberg, Germany in 1977 and has grown into a worldwide organization with over 3,700 employees, and a consulting leader in foreign investments.


Roedl & Partner started collaborating with WEBCON in 2013.

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INTERSPORT Poland is an international sporting goods subsidiary providing an extensive offer featuring many brands including Adidas, ASICS, ATOMIC and Nike as well as their own in-house brands. The company operates over 5,000 sporting goods stores worldwide.


WEBCON BPS optimizes invoice processing, merchandise management and transfer orders for INTERSPORT Poland since 2012.

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CEDC is the vodka market leader in Poland, manufacturing and selling the most popular brands including Żubrówka, Soplica, Bols Platinum, Absolwent and Żytniówka. The company is also the top Polish exporter of spirits, selling its products to over 50 countries worldwide, and the largest Polish importer of whisky, wines and other spirits.


WEBCON BPC automates a custom material index workflow, as well as contract, invoice, leave requests and business trip workflows since 2016.


Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo Poland is the Polish branch of a global manufacturer of high-tech, innovative instruments that integrate with a wide range of technologies, including application-specific solutions. The company's offer includes scales and analytical instruments for use in laboratory, industrial, and food retailing applications. Mettler Toledo operates in Europe, the Americas and in Asia.


WEBCON BPS has been supporting business processes in Mettler Toledo since 2015.

Cersanit S.A.

Cersanit S.A. (formerly Rovese S.A.) is a leading manufacturer of bathroom equipment like ceramic tiles, sanitary products, shower trays and cubicles, acrylic bathtubs, bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories. The Cersanit Group owns such renowned brands as Cersanit, Opoczno, Meissen Keramik, Pilkington's and Mei.


Cersanit has been working with WEBCON since 2014.



Based in Santa Barbara, CA, Soilmoisture has dozens of years of experience in manufacturing specialized laboratory-type equipment for agriculture. The company produces soil and water sampling equipment, sensors, as well as measuring devices and systems.


WEBCON BPS has been enhancing the execution of day-to-day tasks at Soilmoisture since 2014.

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Oknoplast is a Polish manufacturer of PVC windows and doors, operating in 13 countries via a network of over 2,500 partners. Both the company and its products have received numerous national and international certificates and awards. The Oknoplast Group delivers a diversified, tailor-made product offer through a brand portfolio that includes Oknoplast, WnD and Aluhaus.


Oknoplast has been using WEBCON BPS to streamline cost and purchase invoice workflows since 2016.



Bilfinger Industrial Services

Bilfinger Poland operates power plants, infrastructure and industrial facilities and is active in real estate as well. The company provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services and carries out investment and modernization projects.


WEBCON BPS optimizes project budgeting, cost invoice approval and several other workflows at Bilfinger since 2014.

Air Liquide Poland

Air Liquide Group has been operating in Poland since 1995 and has become a key producer and distributor of gases for industry and healthcare. Air Liquide manufactures hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and argon in liquid form at three production facilities in Poland (in Dabrowa Gornicza, Krakow and Pulawy).


WEBCON has been helping Air Liquide quickly and efficiently deliver critical gases in Poland since 2010.


OPTIMAL has been offering automotive and industrial bearings for commercial vehicles, trucks and trailers since 1992. The company is an authorized dealer of the Japanese bearings manufacturers KOYO® and MW Bearings®.


WEBCON BPS was implemented by partner Sii and has been automating a wide variety of business processes and document workflows since 2011.


Energa Group is one of the biggest energy providers in Poland, with nearly 3 million customers and 10,000 employees. Energa Group runs 57 energy production facilities, including 47 hydroelectric plants, which makes it one of the most eco-friendly energy producers in Poland.


Since 2013, WEBCON BPS has been helping Energa streamline the processing of huge volumes of documents and client requests, as well as optimizing internal business processes.



Synexus Poland

Synexus Poland has been engaged in clinical trials and diagnostic research since 2006 and now has five dedicated research centers in Poland. It is a part of a multinational network of private health centers located in Great Britain, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Republic of South Africa.


WEBCON BPS has been supporting medical research at Synexus since 2013.


The Polish Football Association

The Polish Football Association (Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej; PZPN) is the governing body for association football in Poland, a member of FIFA and UEFA. The PZPN organizes and coordinates Polish football leagues at all levels, as well as the Polish national football team. PZPN is also responsible for training players and referees.


WEBCON has been helping PZPN keep the fans cheering since 2014.

Warbud S.A.

Warbud is one of Poland’s largest construction services provider, employing over 1,000 people. The company has been operating in the market since 1989 and has received numerous industry prizes and awards. The company’s leading shareholder is VINCI Construction, a key player in the worldwide construction market.


WEBCON BPS was implemented at Warbud by our partner XPLUS in 2013.

No Limit

No Limit provides services in the field of contract logistics, deliveries to chain stores and road transport services, as well as value-added, dedicated solutions. Their mission is to provide comprehensive logistics solutions, tailored to the needs of their clients, with a focus on maintaining top quality and safety standards, cost efficiency, and due care for the welfare of employees and the environment.


No Limit has been a part of the WEBCON family since 2014.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A. has been operating in the logistics and supply chain management industry since 1990, and currently supports advanced national and international full-truckload transport services. The company is part of the international group Röhlig & Co., providing global sea, air, intermodal and rail freight logistics. The company also provides contract logistics services (i.e. warehousing and value-added services).


WEBCON BPS was implemented at ROHLIG SUUS by ArchiDoc in 2017.

Mack Brooks

Established in 1965, the Mack Brooks Exhibitions Group owns and organizes leading international trade fairs and B2B exhibitions, events and conferences around the world. They focus on specialized industry sectors like engineering, transport, infrastructure, chemicals and industrial manufacturing. While the company’s flagship events are designed for a global audience, the company also offers dedicated exhibitions for regional markets, with a specific focus on investing in growth regions.


WEBCON BPS has been helping Mack Brooks since 2017 thanks to our partner Dolphin Networks.


The Scholengroep Katholiek Onderwijs Flevoland en Veluwe (SKO), is a partnership of 28 primary schools sharing Catholic values in Northern Holland. The schools range in size from 600 to 90 children, operating both in cities and in villages while focusing on providing quality contemporary education in a safe atmosphere. The SKO’s policy is realized through well-qualified staff, a challenging and well-equipped learning environment, constant modernization and professional management.

WEBCON BPS has been supporting day-to-day operations at SKO since 2018.


GPEC (Gdańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej) is a leading provider of energy in northern Poland. The company’s focus is on the distribution and production of heat and electricity. The history of GPEC dates back to 1960, and the company has been growing ever since.


GPEC has trusted WEBCON BPS since 2011.


Located in the south of Romania, Craiova is the country’s 6th largest municipality and the chief commercial center west of Bucharest. The city boasts a rich history, both in terms of culture and industry, the latter of which constitutes 70 percent of the city's economy.


WEBCON partner Prosoft++ implemented WEBCON BPS at Craiova in 2015 to streamline document management.


CETIS is Slovenia’s leading producer of security badges and commercial prints, such as packaging, business communication systems, lottery tickets and documents. The group focuses on secure data management and integrated solutions by applying state-of-the-art technology. Its subsidiaries are located in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Hungary.


WEBCON BPS was implemented by our partner VirtuaIT at CETIS in 2015.


OPED GmbH is an orthotics leader that develops, manufactures and distributes innovative medical products, as well as comprehensive therapy concepts and modern advances in medical technology. With over 20 years of experience, OPED is the market leader in Germany and Switzerland. The company operates worldwide in six locations: Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, Australia, Austria and United Kingdom.


OPED began using WEBCON BPS to help keep people moving since 2017.


Founded in Poland in 1989, Solar produces over 1.3 million pieces of tailored clothing, designed in accordance with latest trends and made from the best quality materials. Solar owns 78 retail outlets, 14 franchise shops and 96 partner stores in Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Lithuania and Ukraine.


Since 2015, WEBCON BPS has been helping Solar optimize mystery shopping programs and internal processes. S.A. S.A. is an online travel center and a leader in the sale of airline tickets in Poland. The company is also the leading travel operator in Bulgaria and Romania. In Brazil, the company operates under the name and offers services from a wide variety of airlines operating in South America. chose WEBCON BPS in 2012 to help get people where they want to go. is a Polish multi-brand shop founded in 2010, offering an extensive range of brands from all over the world. WEBCON BPS streamlines specific business processes like managing the current collection, available goods and order processing.


WEBCON BPS has been helping keep people stylish since 2010.


Since 1945, BYTOM S.A. has been offering a wide variety of top quality men’s clothing including jackets and coats, suits, vests, shirts, sweaters, trousers, T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, boots, shorts, and accessories. The company also offers tailoring services. BYTOM S.A. owns tens of stores in Poland and is recognizable in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France.


BYTOM S.A. has been using WEBCON BPS to keep men looking sharp since 2014.


TOPEX is a company offering consumers a wide range of manual and power tools, and is one of the biggest players on the central-eastern European market. Currently, TOPEX's portfolio contains 7 brands and a catalogue of nearly 5,000 products, which can be found in 40 countries around the world.


WEBCON BPS has been optimizing internal financial processes at TOPEX since 2015.

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PGE Elektrownia Opole

The power plant in Opole is a part of PGE Capital Group, the largest enterprise in the power engineering sector in Poland in terms of revenues and generated profit. Thanks to the combination of its own fuel and power generation resources, alongside the possession of distribution networks, PGE guarantees a safe and stable electricity supply to over 5 million customers.


PGE has been burning the midnight oil for millions of customers with WEBCON BPS since 2011.

Gobarto S.A.

Gobarto S.A. (formerly PKM DUDA) is the largest company in Poland in the meat slaughtering and packaging industry (including pork, beef, and game meat). The Company controls and is the largest constituent of a capital group made up of about 30 companies operating in the agricultural and food sector all over Poland.


WEBCON’s partner 7Technology implemented WEBCON BPS at Gobarto in 2014.



Euro-Energia S.A.

Euro-Energia S.A. is the largest Polish outsourcing company specializing in managing the purchase and use of electricity. The company has been operating on the market since 2004, and manages the purchase of electricity for over 10,000 facilities throughout the country including banks, car dealerships, petrol stations, telecoms, hypermarkets, industrial plants, shopping malls, and hotels.


WEBCON BPS has been helping Euro-Energia S.A. deliver efficient and cost-effective electricity since 2010.


CRIST has been active in the field of shipbuilding, steel constructions and ship-repairs since 1990. The company specializes in shipbuilding, offshore construction, steel structures, and both sea and civil engineering. CRIST is a European leader in the installation and servicing of wind farms.


CRIST began using WEBCON BPS in 2014.

Naftoport Sp. z o.o.

The Naftoport Oil Terminal in Gdansk performs transshipments of crude oil and refined oil products for Polish and foreign consortiums. It plays a key role in the petroleum supply logistics chain for Polish and German refineries, and is also a transit point for crude oil from Russia and Kazakhstan to the ports of Western Europe, USA and Far East.


Naftoport uses WEBCON BPS to keep engines running since 2011.


SIG is a leading distributor of specialized building products in Europe. The SIG Group has three core product areas, which are insulation and energy management, exteriors and interiors. While the vast majority of the products SIG distributes have been manufactured by other companies, SIG also fabricates bespoke products.


SIG Poland began using WEBCON BPS to streamline invoice and order management processes in 2010.

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ATTIC was established in 1991 and is a top provider of building materials. Today, the ATTIC GROUP consists of the retail building material center PSB-PROFI, wholesale supplier ATTIC DISTRIBUTION and the Malopolska Center for Construction Education, which trains future construction professionals.


WEBCON BPS optimizes the internal business processes and is the backbone of the ATTIC’s intranet since 2014.

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Since 1990, the Osadkowski Group has been supporting farmers in agricultural production. The company offers a wide range of plant and animal production agents, as well as professional advice, sales and service of a wide range of agricultural machinery and procurement of produce.


Osadkowski launched collaboration with WEBCON in 2010.

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Founded in early 1989, Grudnik is one of the leaders in the sales of sanitary and heating installations in Poland. The company runs a national network of branches, offering products of the highest standard, with modern style and high functional values, as well as offering selection and installation advice.


Grudnik launched their collaboration with WEBCON in 2011.


Since 1986, AC S.A. has been providing state-of-the-art solutions for automotive LPG/CNG systems, both as a leader in Poland and as a significant player in the world, with branches in Peru and Italy. The company is a pioneer in the field of production and sales of components and autogas system units, as well as automotive electronics.


AC S.A. has been using WEBCON BPS to help keep our cars on the road since 2016.

Hala Group

Founded in 1995, Hala Group Ltd. is one of the largest franchisees within the Domino’s Pizza Group. The company owns 65 Domino’s pizzerias in the United Kingdom and employs around 2,500 staff.


WEBCON BPS was introduced to Hala Group by WEBCON’s partner Dolphin Networks in 2018 to automate the process of onboarding new employees.



Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas is a modern, private university located in Warsaw with a reputation for its international, social and political science studies in English. Collegium Civitas offers a variety of BA, MA and PhD programs, and ranks high among non-state universities in Poland.


WEBCON’s partner OPTeam implemented WEBCON BPS at Collegium Civitas in 2013.

Buma Services

Buma Services is a part of the Buma Group, a leader in the commercial office space market in Krakow, Poland. The company offers comprehensive real estate management services, from installing and maintaining a variety of service construction systems in residential and industrial developments, to cleaning services and inspections.


WEBCON BPS has been helping Buma provide beautiful workspaces since 2016.

Polenergia S.A.

Polenergia is the first private Polish group in the energy & utilities industry, vertically integrating companies working in the area of power generation using both conventional and renewable resources. The group’s portfolio also includes the distribution and trade of electricity.


WEBCON BPS optimizes document processing and invoice approvals at Polenergia since our partner XPLUS implemented it in 2016.

Pracownia Piwa

Pracownia Piwa is one of the most important players in the craft beer market in Poland, and winner of prestigious awards from RateBeerBest, including The Best Brewer in Poland and The Top 100 Brewers In The World.


The founder of Pracownia Piwa, Tomek Rogaczewski, is also a former implementer of ERP and BPM systems. Already familiar with all the benefits of using business applications, he introduced WEBCON BPS to great success at his brewery. WEBCON BPS supports production processes, orders and even back office processes like holiday requests or PR activities.

Rzeszow University of Technology

Named after inventor Ignacy Lukasiewicz, the Rzeszow University of Technology is among the top technical universities in Poland. It runs 25 major and bachelor courses in 6 faculties for approximately 17,000 students. The university is famous for its specialization in aviation, where it educates both pilots and aviation engineers.


WEBCON’s partner OPTeam implemented WEBCON BPS at RUT in 2015 to help keep the pilots in the air.

University of Rzeszow

The University of Rzeszow has operated since 2001, with 11 faculties and 45 major and bachelor courses for approx. 20,000 students. The university cooperates with a total of 61 other universities and colleges, both Polish and foreign. It is a center of not only science, but also innovation. Due to its geographical location, the university plays an important role in inter-cultural and cross-border cooperation.


The university has been using WEBCON BPS since 2014.

Bahrain Royal Charity Organization

The Royal Charity Organization (RCO) in Bahrain was created in 2001 by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa to sponsor Bahraini orphans and widows needing support. Today, the RCO carries out charity and philanthropic works, supporting the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain with humanitarian, social and economic aid. The organization sponsors widows and orphans, looks after the elderly and people with special needs, provides social, medical and educational assistance and contributes to alleviating the burdens of underprivileged families.

WEBCON BPS has been helping RCO’s charitable mission since 2018.

Opole University of Technology

The Opole University of Technology is a region-leading high-tech university with approximately 10,000 students. Their areas of expertise are mostly in technical science, but they also offer programs in management, tourism, sport and physiotherapy. The university cooperates with partners from across Europe, the Americas and Asia, specializing in the promotion of Chinese culture and language.


WEBCON BPS was implemented by our partner OPTeam at the Opole University of Technology in 2014.

Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

The Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS) offers state-of-the-art, specialist education in life sciences and engineering for approximately 10,000 students in 5 faculties. Three of the university’s faculties comprise the Wroclaw Centre of Biotechnology, which is one of the KNOW centers (Krajowy Naukowy Ośrodek Wiodący, or Leading National Science Centre).


WEBCON partner OPTeam implemented WEBCON BPS at WUELS in 2015.


Fórsa is an Irish trade union with over 80,000 members, representing members in public service, state agencies, community and volunteer services, as well as commercial and private companies. Fórsa is the second largest union in Ireland and is comprised of six divisions, representing members in each of the relevant sectors: Health & Welfare, Local Government & Services, Municipal Employees, Civil Service, Education, Services & Enterprises.


WEBCON BPS was implemented by our partner ERS IT Solutions in 2018 to help Fórsa support the public service of Ireland.


SAKRET is one of the world's largest producers of ready-mixed dry mortar with 13 plants in Germany, 25 in Europe and more than 70 worldwide. Their broad and innovative product portfolio in their four business areas: dry mortar and composite thermal insulation systems, tile and slab systems, gardening and landscaping, and concrete repair, positions them as a world leader.


SAKRET is optimizing their business processes with WEBCON BPS since 2018. Our Partner, VSB, was responsible for the system implementation.


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The S&T Group is one of the largest IT integrators in Central and Eastern Europe. It employs over 4,000 employees in 30 countries around the world.


S&T Polska focuses on the implementation of IT technologies in the area of hardware infrastructure and network solutions. It also implements ERP, APS, MES, SCADA, BI and CRM class enterprise management systems, and provides services in the field of designing dedicated business applications. As one of the few entities on the market, they have their own network of 13 service offices located throughout the country, guaranteeing local support for users 24/7.


Since 2019, S&T Polska has been using the WEBCON BPS platform to digitize business processes, including the circulation of cost invoices.


DARCO is one of the leaders in the Polish installation industry. Since 1992, we have been constantly developing our offer, which includes comprehensive solutions for ventilation and heating.


DARCO provides also high quality cooperation services for HVAC, construction, electronics, engineering, automotive, storage and interior design industries based on its extensive machine, logistics and research facilities.


The company has been using the WEBCON BPS platform since 2019, through our partner, Sagitum.

Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH

Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH is a major player in the construction industry. Their wide range of services include road construction, building construction and civil engineering. Nationwide, the group has approximately 1,600 employees working in nine locations.


With WEBCON BPS, they automated such processes as business card management, fleet management, and incoming invoice verification.


WEBCON BPS was implemented in 2018 by our German partner, VSB Solutions.

MDDP Outsourcing

MDDP Outsourcing is one of the biggest polish companies providing the highest-quality outsourcing accounting services, and personnel and payroll services. The team of 170 the well-qualified experts, with many personal achievements (ACCA, auditors, tax advisors), offer a multi-level support to their clients from various sectors of the market.


MDDP Outsourcing started working with WEBCON in 2020, and uses the WEBCON BPS platform to automate and optimize the invoice approval workflow.


Predica uses full-stack Microsoft technology to free organizations of repetitive tasks. The company keeps things simple, secure and efficient, but it also knows that each business has different needs. That’s why Predica focuses on the most relevant technologies, which will help its customers thrive long-term in this fast-changing world.


As our partner, Predica has implemented WEBCON BPS with several of its clients. At the beginning of 2018, the company itself became a platform user, starting with automating the travel & expense reimbursement workflow. There are plans to automate further processes, including the asset management workflow.


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