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We are proud that the world’s leading brands chose WEBCON BPS Enterprise Low-code Application Platform to deliver solutions enabling them to accelerate digital transformation and improve the way they work.

Today, over 650 companies from various industries use our platform for multiple use cases ranging from simple back office applications to large enterprise solutions of business-critical nature. Below you’ll find just a few of our valued clients.

The automotive industry has always handled both manufacturing and distribution, from a single bolt to an entire fleet of completed vehicles. However, in the light of the Industry 4.0, the 21st century automotive business needs to make the best of innovations, automation and state-of-the-art solutions in the entire scope of its operations, and not only in the realm of the production floor. Learn more how BPM systems support the automotive industry.  
In the modern construction market, a construction company needs to be agile enough to operate in two business models. It needs to act as the general contractor, managing the subcontractors, or be a sub-contractor, using its own assets and workforce, depending on the current business situation. Learn how BPM systems support the construction industry.
With thousands of students and staff, as well as thousands of backstage processes running on a daily basis, education institutions require much more than efficient task and document management. Learn more how BPM systems support the academic institutions.
The greatest concern of the energy and utilities industry is its reliability, quality customer service and compliance. Providers need to ensure their services are provided 24/7, and to their customers’ highest satisfaction. Learn more how BPM systems support the energy & utilities industry.
The ultimate challenge for the financial services industry is to balance the reactivity to the ever-changing environment with risk management and strict legal boundaries. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the “problem child,” namely the phenomenon of disruptive finance, which challenges the status quo of the financial world. Learn more how BPM systems support the financial services industry.
As in similar manufacturing processes, the production of food and beverage is based on a sequence of stages; what makes this industry unique is the need of compliance with the strictest requirements related to health and safety issues. Learn more how BPM systems support the food and beverage industry.
The challenges related to the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector combine the management of a vast amount of critical documentation with adherence to strict regulations at both national and international levels. Add to that the robust human resources, and what you have is a complex ecosystem that requires a comprehensive IT solution. Learn more how BPM systems support the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector.
Faced with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a 21st century manufacturer needs to have all assets working for them in unison. Thus, innovations, automation and state-of-the-art solutions need to step outside the realm of production and fuel not only the core business, but also the supportive processes. Learn more how BPM systems support the manufacturing industry.
With business process management tools and all the digital conveniences in place, the business world sets the pace for digitalization in the 21st century. Having grown accustomed to the one-stop-shop type of service, clients of the public sector expect it to follow the trend. Learn more how BPM systems support the public sector.
Processes related to the various aspects of retail and e-commerce go literally in hundreds. The flywheel of the sector is customer service, which needs to be top-class, regardless of the merchandise. Learn more how BPM systems support the retail industry.
One of the challenges of the service sector is that the product is intangible. As a result, clients determines its quality by the results, which may not always be immediate. The challenge is to encourage clients to trust that you will deliver, and to their satisfaction. Learn more how BPM systems support the services sector.
The dual core of the transportation and travel sector comprises two very different aspects. The first one is the infrastructure network, and the other – users and employees, i.e. the human factor. Transportation and travel business requires reliability, quality customer service and compliance. Learn more how BPM systems support the transportation and travel sector.
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Siemens Finance

Siemens Finance Poland was established in 1999. It is the Polish branch of Siemens Finance, a world-recognized financial company headquartered in Munich. Siemens Finance Poland offers financial solutions spanning project finance, equipment and leasing solutions, structured finance, capital loans and advisory services.


Watch Siemens Finance's presentation at WEBCON DAY 2018 >


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The implementation of WEBCON BPS was carried out by WEBCON’s partner ArchiDoc in 2013.

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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world's leading manufacturers of electrical engineering and electronics products. The company is active in over 120 countries in the aerospace, semiconductor, power generation and distribution, communication and information technology, consumer electronics, industrial automation and construction industries.


Mitsubishi Electric began their collaboration with WEBCON in 2014.


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SG Equipment Leasing Poland

SG Equipment Leasing Poland is a leasing company operating in Poland since 1997. It specializes in commercial financing services for transportation, machinery and equipment as well as serving the high-tech industry with specialized medical and IT equipment.


Together with Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, Eurobank, ALD Automotive and PEMA, the company is a part of Societe Generale Equipment Finance, belonging to Societe Generale Group, a 150-year-old holding company operating in 67 countries worldwide.


SG Equipment Leasing Poland launched their cooperation with WEBCON in 2016.


Watch the video case study and learn how WEBCON BPS allowed them to successfully implement their digital transformation strategy.

Haddad Apparel Group

Haddad Brands is a global children’s apparel and accessories licensing partner for the world’s most iconic brands like Nike, Air Jordan, Levi’s, and Converse. The company cooperates directly with manufacturers from around the world in Turkey, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, China and Korea. Haddad Brands uses WEBCON BPS to optimize their internal communications, including helpdesk and document management.


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Haddad Brands launched their collaboration with WEBCON in 2012.

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Diners Club

Diners Club Italy, a branch of Diners Club International, is a part of Cornèr Bank, an independent Swiss banking institution. The company provides a range of banking and payment services, benefits and exclusive offers. Diners Club cards are accepted in 185 countries, more than million ATMs and millions of merchants worldwide.


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The implementation of WEBCON BPS was carried out by WEBCON’s partner VirtuaIT in 2014.


The company PILKINGTON AUTOMOTIVE POLAND Sp. z o.o. specializes in the production of glass since 1826. The company is part of the Japanese concern NSG Group, which is currently one of the world's largest producers of glass and glass products, operating in two sectors: automotive and in the field of technical and architectural glass. Production sites are located in 30 countries on four continents, and the group's products are sold in 105 countries.


Through WEBCON’s Partner, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o., PILKINGTON AUTOMOTIVE POLAND purchased WEBCON BPS licenses in 2021 in order to optimize selected business processes.




MAN Polska

MAN Truck & Bus Polska sells MAN and Neoplan trucks and buses. The company also offers after-sales service, assistance services, a fleet management system and technical trainings for mechanics as well as economic driving trainings for drivers.


The company operates across Poland and hires over 300 people.


Roedl & Partner

Roedl & Partner provides professional financial services in areas like auditing, consulting, finance and payroll accounting, law and taxes, HR and consulting. The company was established in Nuremberg, Germany in 1977 and has grown into a worldwide organization with over 3,700 employees, and a consulting leader in foreign investments.


Watch Rödl & Partner's presentation at WEBCON DAY 2017 >


Roedl & Partner started collaborating with WEBCON in 2013.

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Südzucker Poland

Südzucker Poland is the newest European member of the Südzucker Group, a leading food services company producing sugar, special products, and sustainable CropEnergies bioethanol.


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Südzucker Poland has been using WEBCON PBS to automate their legal contract workflows, manage HR processes and support resource management since 2010.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A. has been operating in the logistics and supply chain management industry since 1990, and currently supports advanced national and international full-truckload transport services. The company is part of the international group Röhlig & Co., providing global sea, air, intermodal and rail freight logistics. The company also provides contract logistics services (i.e. warehousing and value-added services).


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WEBCON BPS was implemented at ROHLIG SUUS by ArchiDoc in 2017.


Melitta is a brand owned by the international Melita Group, which operates all over the world, and owns numerous brands and offers a wide range of coffee enjoyment products, from filter coffee to instant cappuccino and whole beans for bean-to-cup machines. With over 100 years of company history, the Group hires over 5,000 employees. Under the Melitta brand, consumers find everything they need for an excellent cup of coffee: ground and whole-bean coffee in a wide assortment of varieties, filters, coffee pads, bean-to-cup machines, filter coffee machines, electric kettles, milk frother and more. And in over 40 countries around the world no less.


13 European countries, 90 years of experience, around 1,200,000 m2 of warehousing space, 13 000 000 shipments annually, over 150 locations - a truly impressive history and scale of operations. Still, Raben Group is not about numbers, but about people: an international team of over 10,000 employees, full of energy and passions for logistics, driven by similar ambitions and believing in the same values. They provide contract logistics services, domestic and international distribution, fresh products logistics, sea and air forwarding and intermodal transport for customers operating in various branches.

TRW Poland

ZF-TRW is a part of ZF consortium is a global technology company and supplies systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility. In the four technology domains Vehicle Motion Control, Integrated Safety, Automated Driving, and Electric Mobility, ZF offers comprehensive solutions for established vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging transport and mobility service providers. ZF electrifies different kinds of vehicles. With its products, the company contributes to reducing emissions and protecting the climate.


WEBCON BPS has been helping TRW Poland keep us safe since 2014.


INTERSPORT Poland is an international sporting goods subsidiary providing an extensive offer featuring many brands including Adidas, ASICS, ATOMIC and Nike as well as their own in-house brands. The company operates over 5,000 sporting goods stores worldwide.


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WEBCON BPS optimizes invoice processing, merchandise management and transfer orders for INTERSPORT Poland since 2012.

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Sanok RC

Sanok Rubber Company S.A. is the European leader in the field of rubber products, rubber-to-metal articles, combination of rubber with other materials. They offer a wide range of products for the automotive, construction, agriculture, pharmacy industries and household appliances. Their customers include global brands such as Volkswagen, Scania, Volvo, Ford and Electrolux.


Since 2017, WEBCON BPS has been supporting Sanok Rubber Company SA in managing key processes in the organization in such areas as finances, accounting, administration, production and project management. The platform allowed them to automate multiple workflows, including vacation requests, travel expense management, recruitment, investment requests, correspondence, contract management and complaints processing.

Nowy Styl Group

Nowy Styl Group is a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for offices and public spaces. Every day the company furnishes new office buildings, conference centres, cinemas, stadiums, music halls, sports and multifunctional facilities. Its portfolio consists of 6 product brands: Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Grammer Office, Rohde & Grahl, Sitag and Forum Seating.


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Nowy Styl Group launched collaboration with WEBCON in 2013.

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