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Introduce a paperless office and streamline processing of all types of documents

Document management matters! Correspondence, contracts or orders – whether at the start, or the end of a process, documents are an integral part of every business process (workflow) in a company. In many cases, they still circulate as paper sheets.

WEBCON BPS offers a state of art Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) with a number of integration features. This advanced document control software allows you to easily add and manage both physical and digital documents in every process, enabling an ultimate, highly efficient document workflow and genuinely paperless office.

Automatic document registration

Whether manual or automatic, the choice of document registration mode in the document management workflow depends on individual customer preferences and the number of documents registered each day.

Automatic document registration is one of the key features of all high-class document management systems and document control software. In the WEBCON BPS document workflow, it can be handled in two ways, depending on job requirements and user preferences.
The first method uses a file delivered by a scanning device into a network folder. This folder is monitored by WEBCON BPS using the HotFolder feature, and a new document workflow is started based on each incoming file. The second method is to use the HotMailbox feature to monitor specified Exchange account(s). New workflows are then started based on these e-mails and their attachments.

WEBCON BPS document control mechanisms provide a clear and easy-to-use interface for the verification of recognized documents and further document management workflow.

the barcode of a document


To ensure smooth and effective paper document registration and digitization in a document management workflow, WEBCON BPS offers a barcode framework. The system is capable of generating and printing barcodes for each registered document, supporting large scale document scanning. It’s enough to stick a barcode on the first page of a multi-page document and then take the whole stack to the scanner.

The barcode matches the scan of a document with its proper document workflow. It also acts as a separator between scanned documents.

In WEBCON BPS document management system, barcodes ensure uptime and continuity of the registration process with large quantities of incoming documents, help streamline and optimize the process of scanning and OCR recognition, and support the broader transition of the document workflow from the analog to the digital.

OCR and intelligent content recognition

WEBCON BPS provides extensive OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities to support efficient document indexation and automated information recognition (powered by Artificial Intelligence).

The core feature of OCR is to apply a text layer onto scanned documents, which allows you to search for documents by their content in so-called “searchable PDFs”, combined with document metadata, make searching for relevant content quick and easy.

Additionally, WEBCON BPS offers proprietary neural networks to find relevant information and use it as a metadata. The neural networks can be used for many types of documents (for instance cost invoices, where data such as: payment/due date, gross/net amount, bank account number, VAT/Tax ID, company name, etc. can be found automatically).

What’s more, the neural networks can be easily taught how to recognize data based on document templates. No IT knowledge is required from the user.

After the Optical Character Recognition process is over, the user can see the results in a comparison window. Thanks to this, the user can easily verify the correctness of the read content.

After the Optical Character Recognition process is over, the user can see the results in a comparison window. Thanks to this, the user can easily verify the correctness of the read content.

(Read more about OCR capabilities in WEBCON BPS.)

Generating documents

WEBCON BPS users can generate a variety of document formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pdf), based on document workflows and the data they work on.

Thanks to our Word Add-in, users can drag and drop to create document templates containing content placeholders using the Microsoft Word interface. Once the document has been generated, the placeholders are replaced with metadata from a form. It’s simple as that.

Additionally, the Word Add-in allows you to review a history of changes and compare given versions of a document to identify differences, even if the “track changes” mode is/was off.

(Learn more on generating documents with the WEBCON BPS low-code platform.)

Digital signature

The digital signature capabilities of WEBCON BPS document management system offer an easy-to-use and intuitively designed security layer for both internal and external file exchanges.

Digital signatures ensure the authenticity and integrity of .PDF and .docx formats with certificates offered by the Windows Central Certificate Store. Whenever a more comprehensive method of digital signing is required, the system integrates with DocuSign.

The time stamp feature can be used to pinpoint the exact date and time when a user signed the document in the document workflow.

(Learn more on the digital signature features in WEBCON BPS.)

Digital signatures in WEBCON BPS

Have you considered putting the concept of “paperless office” into practice?

Many forward-thinking companies have decided to go down the path to a paperless office through digital and automation means – thanks to DMS software. The reasons for this vary, but in general, reducing the amount of paper documentation to a minimum, along with process digitalization and automation, can significantly increase the efficiency of business processes, speeding them up and generating massive savings. Processing paper documents generates numerous challenges, from categorizing the particular files and saving them in order, up to keeping the physical archives in good shape. Implementing electronic document management workflow is the simplest way to avoid these problems and unleash the potential of digital transformation, bringing countless benefits. Instead of searching through piles of paper or an email inbox, the necessary information can be quickly and easily found in the system. Not only that, but there is also the ultimate document workflow optimization and streamlining.

The advantages of a DMS based on workflow and process automation solutions, such as our WEBCON BPS low-code platform, include:

  • improvement of the workflow processes and the effectivity of information management;
  • increase in efficiency of the documentation management;
  • increased level of security – confidential data is better protected;
  • guarantee of accordance with compliance requirements;
  • easily accessible information + search functionality;
  • optimization of business processes tied to planning and the distribution of assignments;
  • reduction of routine tasks connected with documentation;
  • possibility to redistribute tasks and resources between employees in a more efficient manner;
  • opportunity to focus on creation and scaling up, rather than documentation and filing management;
  • easily trackable information marked with tags and stored in folders;
  • simplified document creation;
  • simplified preparation and sharing of reports;
  • routing retention.

And many more (learn more about the benefits of document workflow digitalization and automation from The Total Economic Impact™ Study by Forrester.)

The WEBCON BPS-based DMS implementation and deployment is very flexible and easy. You can freely choose how and where to run the system installation: On-Premises (on your own servers, as a traditional server product) or in the cloud (either as a turnkey SaaS offering and a managed service, with scaling, storage, updates and everything else in our multitenant cloud offering; or in your own IaaS environment, which provides you with direct control over all of your cloud assets, as well as with the possibility to have the installation in one or more cloud-hosted virtual machines).

So, instead of filling up more filing cabinets and storing uncontrolled piles of paper on desks, you can keep all your paper files and electronic (digital) documents safe on your own servers or in the cloud, well protected and governed by the document management system. There is no need to compare the pros and cons – traditional document management dies on the vine. A state-of-the-art DMS makes it easier to comply with government regulations regarding company documents in the context of data protection laws and copyrights. It allows organizations to store documents in one place, increase the notion of safety, speed up the approvals & limit the messages sent to finalize the project.

Read on to learn more about the digital and automated document management concept, and what you should pay attention to when it comes to choices…

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