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We’re excited to introduce a brand new platform release, WEBCON BPS 2023.

Every year we release a new version of our enterprise low-code process platform, WEBCON BPS, to address new challenges, needs, and trends. We gathered our Clients’ and Partners’ feedback to make our platform more supportive, user-friendly, and powerful than ever before. The result of many months of our work is a new release of the platform: you’ll surely appreciate improved existing features and new, significant functionalities.

While working on this year’s version, we focused on enhancing support for the entire application lifecycle, business user involvement in the application development, processes that involve external business users, and our use of the latest available technologies.


Release date: 18/12/2023 – WEBCON BPS 2023 R3

Check the most important changes introduced in the last release:

New Mobile Application

The mobile apps for Android and IOS have been completely rewritten. Its user experience is a lot more friendly, and it includes several new features:

  • Quick logon using a PIN and/or biometrics
  • Push Notifications
  • Trusted Devices and Authorization via Mobile App
  • Support for QR Codes
  • Recording voice memos and taking photos directly inside a form

Geographical location registration and new context variables

Given that mobile and desktop devices alike have access to location information, Release 3 of WEBCON BPS 2023 supports making use of location data in several ways. The location where tasks were executed will become part of the automatically-maintained audit history for any form. Moreover, location data can be used to fill in form fields. Additionally, location data can be used as a security measure to determine whether a task can be performed or a new workflow can be started, for example.

Path transition authorization

When it’s important (if not required) to ensure exactly which user clicked which button to move the workflow along a path, Release 3 of WEBCON BPS 2023 can use the aforementioned trusted device-based authorization to ensure that the intended user (and not someone else sitting at their desk while a form just happens to be open) is the one who completes a task.

Release date: 21/08/2023 – WEBCON BPS 2023 R2 (2023.1.2.44)

Check the most important changes introduced in the last release:

1. Security code for public links

In the latest release of WEBCON BPS 2023, we have introduced the capability to secure public links with a one-time authorization code sent to the recipient’s email address. This code prevents unauthorized access for individuals who have accidentally received the link to an element or task.

2. Canceling performance indicator action

We have added the ability to cancel performance indicator action. From now you will be able to cancel previously configured performance indicators, restoring them to the values from the last pause or removing all data related to performance indicator calculations, as if the calculations had never started. This will enable even more accurate tracking of time devoted to tasks, and identify potential bottlenecks to prevent them effectively.

3. Generating files in PDF/A format

We have implemented the option to generate documents in the PDF/A format, which allows for consistent graphical representation of digital file content, regardless of the operating system or software used. The PDF/A format supports long-term document preservation for archival purposes, ensuring that these documents will remain openable in the future.

4. Changing form/element signature

The users of the latest version will be able to modify the text of an element’s signature and the title of the card or browser window, using a readable and user-friendly name, instead of the number.

Release date: 15/05/2023

Read the overview of the changes introduced in WEBCON BPS 2023:

1. New Module: Advanced Analytics Framework

WEBCON BPS 2023 provides a new, advanced analytical module. It will allow for quick comparative analyses of application usage. It will enable you to create process-specific performance indicators, too.

2. Performance Indicators

The WEBCON BPS 2023 Advanced Analytics Framework module adds a new mechanism that enables you to define advanced performance indicators. More specifically:

  • they can be calculated on a set of tasks taking place over many process steps,
  • they can support advanced scenarios in which the counting of a KPI can be repeatedly interrupted and resumed,
  • they can factor in designated workdays and working hours.

3. Built-In Reports

Each application now has received a new Analysis area so you can quickly view:

  • the number of instances (processed forms/items) launched within the application – broken down into Active, Completed, and All Instances,
  • the number of people who actively use the application,
  • number of active tasks assigned by the application,
  • the average task duration.

4. Support for Applications that Involve External Users

WEBCON BPS 2023 introduces the option for an internal user to share a form with external users via a unique URL address generated by the system. External users invited this way do not have to authenticate themselves with the WEBCON BPS portal.

5. Built-In Change Suggestions

Version 2023 introduces a new feature for collecting development suggestions for each application in a manner that’s fully integrated with the portal user interface. From now on, suggestions can be registered for almost any element of the application while working with that element. Suggestions can then be viewed, rated, and commented on by other app users.

6. Preview and Editing of Application Configurations from the Portal

Version 2023’s WEBCON Designer Desk users will let authorized users preview an application’s configuration/design from within the BPS portal environment. They’ll even be able to edit some of the application’s configuration elements (label text, for example). Moreover, they’ll be able to do this whether or not the application was originally prototyped in Designer Desk.

7. Editing translations

Version 2023 provides the option to enter translations of the application UI text from within the WEBCON BPS Designer Desk.

8. Improved forms

WEBCON BPS 2023 introduces several improvements to the functionality and performance of forms. We have enabled, among others, changing the width of item list columns and optimizing the behavior of row-level action buttons. We have also introduced improvements to the information bar level, adding a new analysis tab that presents information about performance metrics.

9. Automations

We have added the ability to define global automations – automations that can be reused across many applications and processes. Automations of this type are defined at the level of global parameters and, similarly to global business rules and/or global form rules, they make use of input/output parameters.

10. Workflow Engine: Assigning Tasks to Groups

Version 2023 introduces a new, dynamic way of assigning tasks to groups. From now on, if you assign a task to a group itself (as opposed to its members), the system will verify the user’s membership in the group at the time of task completion.





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