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We didn’t really want to implement multiple solutions for different business needs, because the maintenance and compatibility issues could quickly turn our work into a nightmare. That was why we got interested in WEBCON and their vision of one ultimate platform where you can build custom solutions, tailored to your needs, and you can do it in-house.
CTO, Haddad Brands
If you want to keep the rigor of a Mainframe but desire the speed of an Excel that can be built by pretty much anybody with some skills, [in WEBCON] you have the best of both worlds, and you can get much more value for your money than either of the two traditional approaches.
Documentum Platform Manager, Pratt and Whitney
[After using WEBCON for a year] my team feels much more productive; we’re delivering more solutions across the organization, which is a good thing for us. It just feels better to solve problems quickly, and that has been a game-changer in the last months. It really has.
Director of EPMO, Copper River logo
The WEBCON platform has allowed us to standardize our processes and save time, and has shown users that, in fact, for a low-code platform, the sky is the limit.
IT Director, Answear
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Taking into consideration that business needs will steadily grow and our employees will ask for more improvements, we’ve chosen a platform that allows to meet those expectations and make life of IT Department easier. At the end, the point is to spend as little time as possible on making modifications, allow business to work effectively and give other employees a system that won’t require trainings and constant IT support.
Director of IT Department, Südzucker Polska
The fact that the BPM-class platform met (…)[our] challenging requirement confirmed our belief that we had made the right decision by choosing a tailor-made solution.
Head of Project Management Office, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics
In the field of social services, we have an ever-increasing need to make smart, data-driven decisions. WEBCON allows us to create custom, intuitive tools that gather and report the right data, in real time.
Business Development Director, Turning Point of Central California Inc.
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The greatest benefits [from the implementation of WEBCON BPS] are primarily faster processing times, process automation, more time to stay with the client and the possibility of mobile work.
Head of IT Projects and Applications Development Department, SG Equipment Leasing Polska
We developed our first applications in WEBCON BPS more than a decade ago. Today we don’t even think about whether to digitize processes. We’ve been doing it at LPP for years.
Head Of Projects & Implementations, Silky Coders/LPP
We were convinced by the possibility of implementing the concept in a short time, which is why we could quickly enter the market with a professional solution, as well as thorough expert knowledge and a good cost-to-benefit ratio.
Specialist in the Enterprise Development Department, INTERSPORT Austria
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I appreciate WEBCON BPS for its simplicity – compared to other systems I have dealt with, producing a solution is easy. [WEBCON BPS] allows you to focus on the solution itself, not on the fight against the code.
BPM Project Manager, No Limit
Thanks to WEBCON BPS, we have built the portal we wanted – independent, transparent and possible to integrate with our other systems.
Tax Advisor, Rödl & Partner
The only limit for this system is our imagination.
Collaboration Software Developer, CEDC
Finally, we can start delivering new applications within weeks instead of months. Changing our approach allowed us to create solutions in a matter of hours and then polish them together with users. Suddenly we were no longer afraid of change – and that was a real game-changer.
Software Development Manager, Nowy Styl
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When you test a solution, you pay attention to many different elements (…). The final evaluation is strongly determined by how the working environment is arranged and how easy – or difficult – it is to understand the logic of the application building process. Both platforms [that we tested] were just cool, and we liked both of them. However, comparing the time it takes to build an application clearly tipped the scales in favor of WEBCON. The thing that ultimately made the point was InstantChangeTM.
IT Specialist, Huhtamaki FS Poland

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