Comprehensive and practical knowledge of the platform,
straight from WEBCON experts!

WEBCON Academy offers you structured and progressive courses that will equip you with practical skills and knowledge on how to use WEBCON BPS and implement business applications – from basic to expert level.

Develop valuable competence and maximize the benefits of system implementation.

WEBCON Academy is our new course offer – expanded and structured to provide participants with the comprehensive knowledge and key skills necessary to implement the platform and configure processes in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. The training courses are run solely by WEBCON experts, based on our best implementation practices. In WEBCON Academy, you can choose from several Training Tracks and additional courses:


WEBCON Academy is our answer to our clients’ and partners’ growing demand for knowledge on successful WEBCON BPS implementations.  You will learn: 

  • How to design and manage the processes
  • What approaches to take when implementing digital transformation
  • How WEBCON BPS is integrated with other solutions
  • What the benefits and challenges are of OCR implementation in document processing
  • How workflow is managed on a daily basis
  • What advanced platform functionalities there are


The full course package includes all crucial aspects of operating WEBCON BPS in an organization: installation, site configuration, database creation, sample processes creation and development, making SQL and JavaScript queries. It also covers the preparation for implementation (including an introduction to analysis, getting ready for installation).

You will learn the basics of configuring business processes in WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. You will also find out how document workflows work and how to configure manager desktops and reports, as well as how to build business rules and flexible document forms.

The course is dedicated to everyone who wants to develop their skills in WEBCON BPS process configuration and analysis. The course agenda is divided into three specializations, with classes taking place in parallel:

  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Sales

Course for those who have completed the Basic Level and want to further develop their implementation skills. You can choose from the following specialization tracks:

  • Development
  • Document management
  • Administrator


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