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Increased competition results in the need to radically improve day-to-day operations. That’s why digitization and automation of business processes are not an option anymore – implementing retail workflow management tools became a necessity.

Retail automation starts with faster results, fewer mistakes, employees spending less time on tedious tasks and more time on customers. It results in better morale. And it quickly accelerates into exceeding customer expectations.

With the WEBCON BPS low-code platform, you can build tailor-made applications. With more speed and agility than you thought possible. The payoff is digital transformation that’s not a buzzword, but a happy reality.

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What is Retail Automation?

Retail automation is a process which is supposed to provide businesses with a toolkit that will enable them to streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It’s digitizing, automating and simplifying manual operations.

In such a competitive sector as retail, automation can really improve every phase of retail journey. Every customer expects spotless service, quick delivery and easy return process. The only way to meet those needs is to get ahead of the curve with modern retail automation solutions.

Automate, Curate, and Elevate your Business Processes

with the retail automation solutions powered by WEBCON BPS Low-Code Platform

Increase productivity
& quality of work

Leverage retail automation to speed up business processes, while also eliminating errors, ensuring standardization, and improving process visibility. This will result in quality improvements and real-time insights that are crucial to making better business decisions.

Better respond to the needs of customers and employees

Support processes that directly affect your bottom line. Thanks to the effective management of activities such as opening new stores, hiring employees, handling complaints, or delivery logistics, you will increase the satisfaction and loyalty of both your customers and employees.


Foster a culture that embraces innovation and rapidly responds to changing manufacturing landscape. Gain freedom to test new ideas - provide POCs in no time and build scalable, change-ready applications to gain a competitive edge.

Retailers Have Done Great Things


WEBCON BPS platform is how you can get tailor-made solutions that perfectly suit the way your business runs. It’s retail automation delivered in short development cycles. If that sounds better than an ever-increasing monthly bill for one-off solutions that don’t quite fit what you want to do, it should. Here are some examples of what you can do with our retail automation technology:

Opening New Points of Sales

Complex applications built with WEBCON BPS help coordinate activities undertaken by geographically dispersed, multinational teams, and provide control over every step of the store opening process, from new locations planning, contracting, construction, stocking, and staffing, to actual opening.

Human Resources Management

Sure, WEBCON BPS has been used to build employee onboarding solutions, but it's also been used for recruitment processes. Training. Performance reviews. Transfers. Promotions. Bonuses. Offboarding, too. It's not just about efficiency and speed and error reduction, either - smoothly-running HR helps employee morale, satisfaction, and retention in a big way.

Mystery shopping

Quality control of sales and services matters. Retailers have used retail automation solutions powered by WEBCON BPS to build applications that help scheduling mystery shopper visits, improve their work with mobile access to digital forms, and make sure their feedback is used to improve customer service.

Claims and Complaints

Handling complaints and taking action on them makes a big difference on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thanks to retail BPM applications powered by WEBCON BPS, retailers automate the registration and classification of claims and complaints, handle the queue of requests and efficiently conduct the evaluation process - all in constant contact with the client.

Cash Handling

A dedicated retail BPM application built on WEBCON BPS platform allows to provide audit trail and help showrooms' staff counting tills before and after shifts, preparing floats, moving cash to cash office and organizing pickups from tills - in a single store, and multi-store locations.

Transportation and Delivery

With retail automation technology, retailers control shipments, handle re-routing and mid-delivery adjustments, and confirm mid-route deliveries. They make sure procedures are executed in the event of wrong or damaged goods are received.

Store opening & cleaning

Retail workflow management applications powered by WEBCON BPS help automating store opening and cleaning tasks assignment and make sure all the checklists are properly completed and documented.

Inventory control

Showroom stocktaking processes are streamlined with the use of mobile applications built with WEBCON BPS. They not only make it easy to count inventory and instantaneously compare results with showroom stock levels but also allow for easy reporting of damaged goods and "return to vendor" transactions.

Sales and discounts

Retail workflow management applications created with WEBCON BPS help coordinate sales and discounts actions by making sure all the related activities are performed and all the concerned employees are informed - both on a store and HQ level.

Implement solutions that support

processes​ across all departments with a single platform


  • Correspondence & case management
  • Document repository & DMS
  • Fleet management
  • Business trips approval & cost reimbursement
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Expense accounting


  • Vacancy approval, recruitment
  • On/off-boarding
  • Leave & holiday requests
  • Employee assessment
  • Perks, bonuses & gift approvals
  • Retirement plans
  • Managing remote workers


  • Budgeting, investment planning & purchase requests
  • RFI, RFP, tenders & purchase orders processing
  • Cost invoice approval workflow
  • Invoicing automation and payment approval
  • Credit limits management
  • Supplier authorization

Sales & Marketing

  • CRM
  • Marketing automation
  • Content approval & distribution
  • Newsletter & mailing campaigns
  • Social media publications
  • Event planning & follow-up


  • IT assets & systems registry
  • Permissions management
  • AD & Exchange accounts provisioning
  • Project Management
  • Change Requests processing
  • Helpdesk & ticketing

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