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low-code business process automation & management platform for Office 365, SharePoint & Azure

WEBCON BPS is an enterprise Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) for digital process automation. The system allows you to build process-centric applications for every business need. Empower your organization by digitalizing and automating business processes, introducing standardization and best practices, and optimizing workflows across departments and borders. Embrace the digital transformation with WEBCON BPS.

Low Code Application Platform

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Total Economic Impact™ of WEBCON BPS

According to Forrester’s study, WEBCON BPS allows to save $1 M, experience 113% ROI & accelerate business processes by up to 87%

Read the brand new TEI study to discover both quantifiable and more subjective benefits companies experience after implementing the WEBCON BPS platform. Learn how you can empower your organization with intelligent business process management.

WEBCON Designer Desk

A prototype is worth more
than a thousand meetings

WEBCON Designer Desk makes gathering requirements for workflows & process applications easy. Build models instead of Word & Visio files.

Low Code BPM

Witness true change management
in business process and workflow automation

InstantChange™ technology allows to unleash your creativity and turn ideas into advanced BPM applications. Just drag & drop, hit ‘save’ and watch users fall in love.

Low-code BPM platform: No coding

no coding

Low-code BPM platform: No deploying

no deploying

Low-code BPM platform: No waiting

no waiting

From supportive to business critical, from departmental to global – WEBCON BPS enables our clients to
deliver over 90% of all workflows & applications they need.

Everyone benefits with intelligent process automation

WEBCON BPS turns IT departments into superheroes delivering an endless possibility of business applications and digital process automation. Top management is given the freedom to execute decisions immediately. Business users have a single digital workplace with easy access to tasks and information.

Digital process automation suited to your industry

With WEBCON BPS, companies can radically boost their day-to-day operation by streamlining any process – from core, to supportive, to industry-specific, especially when they are out of reach of any off-the-shelf solutions.

Let our clients do the talking

Leverage the Digital Transformation.
Discover the benefits of a paperless office.

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WEBCON – Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation, or DPA for short, is an innovative business process management methodology that takes advantage of innovative digitization and automation technologies to optimize task, document and information workflows. It also helps streamline and speed up various activities comprising individual business processes. Implementing the innovative software suites offered by WEBCON, which are based on state-of-the-art bespoke solutions, means that the digital transformation of the company cannot be easier. Learn more…

Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation is an innovative and future-oriented approach to automation and the optimization of business processes; it is a natural evolution of the traditional Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. More and more companies and organizations are becoming aware of the needs and expectations of their clients, facing the reality of doing business in the digital era – they are choosing these solutions, which are becoming increasingly prevalent on the market of enterprise-grade IT systems. CIOs, business line managers and entire boards are on the constant lookout for solutions enabling the effective automation and optimization of business processes – not to mention streamlining and improving the quality of services offered.

Implementing Digital Process Automation with the help of the innovative technologies and features offered by our low-code application development platform opens up many more opportunities than the traditional Business Process Management and Document Management System suites combined. This solution, used as the foundation of a digital transformation strategy, enables companies to increase efficiency in virtually every area of their operations, bringing all of them to the next level by implementing the paperless office concept. Effective process optimization also brings a number of tangible financial and business benefits, crucial from the point of view of strategic development and gaining a competitive edge.

Digital transformation of companies and organizations

Digital transformation is a must have for every company that is striving to grow and expand its business, to adapt to the dynamically changing needs of the modern market, and thus gain or maintain a competitive advantage, or even achieve the position of market leader. Numerous organizations would like to quickly reap the benefits of digital transformation; however, it is essential to plan a proper strategy so that evolution does not turn into revolution, which can significantly impede or even curb the functioning of your organization. New technologies, changes and innovations should be implemented gradually. Digital Process Automation based on the WEBCON BPS low-code application development platform enables companies and organizations to embark on a successful journey towards comprehensive digital transformation, starting with small steps and quick wins, followed by further improvements and expanding the scope of existing solutions without impeding workflows and exorbitant costs. The innovative digital transformation solutions provided by WEBCON BPS make the implementation of a digital strategy easy, seamless, secure and fully effective.

Intelligent Process Automation – the future of Process Excellence

Innovative Digital Process Automation often works in synergy with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) technologies – included also in IT solutions offered by WEBCON. In addition to the standard principles employed by BPA and DPA solutions, IPA takes advantage of additional tools and mechanisms based on the most advanced and truly innovative IT technologies and system architecture approaches, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A well-thought out combination of assumptions, mechanisms and technologies known from DPA, BPA and IPA in a single, comprehensive, highly flexible and functional IT solution, the WEBCON BPS low-code platform, enables companies to tailor the course of their digital transformation to the individual needs of their organizations, thereby improving their operations in order to gain a competitive edge and attain or maintain their positions of market leaders in the Industry 4.0 era – more than 500 happy clients can attest to that.