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How Designer Desk Helps Bridge the Communication Gap between Business & IT When Developing Applications
An interview with Razvan Gabriel Ogrezeanu, Innovation Manager & Co-Founder at Encorsa, a WEBCON Premium Partner

How do you use WEBCON Designer Desk in your organization?

RGO: It depends; sometimes we use it during the sales process, and sometimes at the start of the business analysis phase. The best thing about using Designer Desk at the sales process stage is that it’s very user-friendly, easily understandable by businesspeople. Before Designer Desk, we’d used WEBCON Designer Studio to draw out prototypes during customer sales meetings. But since it’s meant to be used by technical people to build detailed solutions, it’s visually busy – potentially distracting to laypeople.
Now we’re able to use Designer Desk while we share a screen with a potential client. We can draw and arrange things as they describe their processes to us. We create a prototype of their application with them during the meeting, getting them involved in the process right away. They can also see the results in real time, and they can test the prototype to make sure it reflects their requirements.

Is it now easier for them to understand what you’re doing?

RGO: Yes – that’s exactly right. They immediately understand the way workflows work. It happens faster than we’ve ever seen before. Usually, people think in terms of applications, databases – especially when it comes to more specialized clients who have some technical knowledge. The prototypes we build with Designer Desk rapidly illustrate the “workflow mindset” – what’s going on, where it is, who’s got it, what their options are, and so on. It makes a great impression during sales meetings.

Does business get more engaged in application development projects thanks to Designer Desk?

RGO: Definitely – especially since that understanding of the workflow mentality helps them ask the right questions during the analysis stage. In Designer Desk, if you want to add a field to a form, you’re given a list of questions that you need to answer. They’re things we as application builders need to know in order to finish the form. There may be some more questions to be asked later, but thanks to Designer Desk we have something to start the conversation, and that makes a huge difference.

Does Designer Desk help you acquire new clients?

RGO: It definitely helps us assure potential clients that we can deliver solutions fast. We show the tool in action either during the first or second sales meeting – whenever we get down to discussing the actual process – it’s always a pleasant surprise to the client to see how we approach an engagement as a collaboration.

Do you think using Designer Desk to build a prototype with businesspeople can lower a project’s risk? Can it help you better assess the price and time needed to complete a project?

RGO: Yes, it definitely helps us better estimate a project’s timeline and budget. But what’s maybe even more important is that it minimizes the risk of building the wrong thing. It’s not always easy to fully understand a client’s needs or avoid scope creep. With Designer Desk, we can make sure that we’re all on the same page as to what to deliver.
It also made us change the way we deliver custom applications for our clients. We’ve realized that we needed to expand our business analyst team, because the business analysis phase now usually takes up about 60-70% of the whole project. Once we finish prototyping a solution in Designer Desk, we publish it to Designer Studio, at which point it’s in the hands of professional developers who configure more complex actions & business rules, and take care of all security & maintenance matters. Thanks to the detailed documentation Designer Desk automatically generates for each prototype, our developers have a clear picture how each applications should work, and what’s on the to-do list to get it from prototype to production.

Razvan Gabriel Ogrezeanu, Innovation Manager & Co-Founder at Encorsa, a WEBCON Premium Partner

A young entrepreneur, an eager consultant, passionate about technology, and most importantly, applying it to the needs of the customers. His opinion is that technology is excellent tool humanity has at its disposal, but until the “low code” era, it was a very complex and expensive tool to use. Technology should help everybody accomplish their day-to-day tasks without many distractions or without being complicated to use. Innovation is more than just creating innovative technology; it is also about implementing it seamlessly and integrating it with all existing systems.

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