Innovative mobility platform for employees, companies and sellers

The “” project is an innovative platform created by the INTERSPORT company in cooperation with WEBCON’s Partner, DCCS, that provides easy access to company bikes. The whole process, starting with the search for seller or a brand, through the leasing calculator and order completion, to insurance, maintenance and claim settlement, is digitally represented on the website. powered by WEBCON BPS:

  • First fully automated platform for company bikes in Austria
  • Low-code based, professional, expandable solution with faster time to market rate
  • Intuitive, clearly laid out, easy-to-use web-based user interface
  • Mobility offer with many benefits for all stakeholders


Location: Europe

Download: EN | PL| DE

We were convinced by the possibility of implementing the concept in a short time, which is why we could quickly enter the market with a professional solution, as well as thorough expert knowledge and a good cost-to-benefit ratio.

Marc Gerhardinger
The Enterprise Development Department of INTERSPORT Austria.

What Intersport Austria gained from this project:

New companies, employees and bike retailers register on the platform nearly every day.

The system is used by about 500 users and 300 INTERSPORT locations and bike retailers all over Austria.

Invisible to the users, many workflows, dashboards, reports and interfaces ensure automated processes behind the curtains.

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