The Computerworld report
Managing change and business processes in organizations

There’s no doubt that unmanaged processes weaken the company’s business performance and – consequently – its market position. In many cases there may arise a need for an analytical platform collecting and integrating data. It would enable an efficient and fact-based analysis of all possible variables and, consequently, making of informed decisions. The answer to these problems, at least theoretically, are the Business Process Management (BPM) class solutions.

The survey made together by Computerworld magazine and WEBCON was aimed to verify the above assumptions. The research was supposed to check what is the popularity of BPM solutions, what are the benefits of implementing such platforms, which business areas are most often supported and what are the problems related to business process management. The survey included 125 IT directors from companies employing more than 150 people.

From “Managing change and business processes in organizations” study you will learn:

  • What is general assessment of process and change management among surveyed companies?
  • What could be done better?
  • What are the reasons some companies completely rejects the possibility of implementing BPM platforms?
  • What are the most frequently cited problems resulting from not having the proper BPM system implemented?
  • What are the expectations towards the BPM class systems?

…and much more!

Get the report:

“Managing change and business processes in organizations” is a complex publication which will let you confront your expectations towards the BPM platforms with the assumptions of other organizations and with reality. After reading this study you may want to know more about choosing a low-code platform – if so, we highly recommend checking our other materials, especially “A managed and sustainable low-code platform for enterprises”.

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