The 5 Stages of the BPM Lifecycle

Having the right BPM platform is a must for true operational growth, as is having a deeper understanding of the BPM lifecycle and the role that each stage plays in inching you toward your goals. Business process management (BPM) is a set of ideas and practices dedicated to the optimization of processes at your organization.

Through the use of targeted BPM systems, you can achieve your most ambitious goals with better outcomes, shorter time spans, fewer mistakes, and fewer disruptions; that means better, more profitable outcomes and an improved end-to-end experience for your customers. Here’s a quick overview of the business process management lifecycle, including how the various stages work together to get you where you need to go.

5 Stages of the Process Management Lifecycle

Every business is unique, especially when it comes to their strategic goals and how they plan to achieve them. What stays the same across industries and operations, however, is the way that BPM can be used to make improvements – and the process management lifecycle that guides the way.

These are the five BPM stages to keep in mind as you manage and improve core processes for your business.

1. Design

This stage of BPM is all about planning out the how, what, whom, and why behind your BPM strategy. Things to prioritize during the design stage include defining the ideal process you’re aiming for and how it compares to your existing process. From there, you can figure out where the gaps are and design a strategy within your BPM system that’s specially geared toward eliminating those process gaps.

2. Model

Use models to visualize workflows and outcomes for your process improvements so that you can clearly see the business process management steps you’ll be undertaking and how they might perform in various circumstances. As you model, go back to your design insights and use them to identify core obstacles and how you might avoid them.

3. Execute

Now is when you’ll put your chosen workflow into practice and see how it functions in the real world. Establish some clear-cut key performance indicators (KPIs) ahead of time to help you eliminate potential execution mishaps before they progress into big problems, particularly when it comes to things like standardization, cost-efficiency, and error reductions.

4. Monitor

The workflow you design and execute through your BPM platform is almost guaranteed to hit some snags – and that’s okay! Constant monitoring allows you to identify errors at their earliest stages so you can make adjustments and learn from your mistakes.

5. Optimize

Using everything you’ve learned through the design, modeling, execution, and monitoring of your BPM system, you’ll be able to – on an ongoing basis – optimize your business processes for sustainable high-value improvements. Pay close attention to your modeling predictions versus your outcomes during this stage, filling in additional gaps as needed until you reach the level of performance efficiency you were originally striving for.

Innovative Tools to Take You from the First to Last BPM Stages

Our low-code application development platform was designed to help businesses reach their process improvement goals with ease. Customize each step in the BPM lifecycle for the betterment of your business with an all-in-one BPM system that lets you seamlessly build, run, and maintain applications driven toward operational growth. Contact us today for a demo or free 30-day trial.

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