Santa Claus digitizes his business with WEBCON

Santa Corp, global leader in spreading joy and Christmas cheer, is embracing digital transformation and adopting a platform that optimizes its core processes, including making and delivering Christmas gifts. This will enable Santa's Factory to save tens of millions of hours. This could be a case study of improving operational efficiency of a global business or a Christmas movie script. We combine both ideas in our Christmas campaign.

The spot features a man in a suit walking through the halls of a mysterious building. He arrives at a room with a cozy fireplace and sits at a desk that acts as a control center. The screens display the Santa Corp logo, and after logging in to the system, he sees the progress of the Christmas preparations. On the main screen, there is a form with the last letter to Santa scanned, a photo of the child who authored it, the chosen gift, and the "Accept" button. He clicks and it's done! The last gift approved by Santa Claus marks the end of the preparations for delivering gifts to children - from the operational perspective at least.

We humorously demonstrates how technology can enhance Christmas magic, and Santa Claus can rest assured that everything is going as planned.

Santa's Factory and the entire gift delivery logistics need flawless management and organizational effectiveness. Like any savvy business owner, its president should aim to boost the efficiency of this endeavour by embracing digital transformation. We demonstrated the impact of automating business processes at Santa Corp with the WEBCON platform in our Christmas campaign, showing how technology and a little bit of magic can come together to deliver wonderful results” comments Joanna Banachowicz, Marketing Director of WEBCON.

In our Christmas spot, we demonstrates that digital transformation can happen in any business, even in a traditional and large-scale one like Santa's Factory. The elves could save over 33 million hours by speeding up the gift wrapping process by even 1 minute, and the system could help eliminate the risk of losing children's letters or shortages in the assortment.

Our low-code automation platform enables processes to be accelerated by even 87%, task execution to be managed effectively, documents to be handled electronically, and work progress to be monitored. All this ensures that the company runs smoothly - and in this case, Santa Claus - can rest easy. Because the best gift an entrepreneur can receive (not only) for Christmas is the assurance that the business is working well, and he and all the employees can have a peaceful and joyful time with their loved ones.

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