The 9th edition of WEBCON DAY is behind us!

WEBCON DAY is Poland's largest conference dedicated to digital transformation. The 9th edition of the event took place on September 26, and, just like every year, provided a unique forum for knowledge exchange, attracting digital transformation practitioners from Poland and abroad.

The conference was inaugurated by an opening session by WEBCON's CEO and Founder. It was a solemn introduction to the rest of the event: in which WEBCON’s Clients and their success stories play a major role every year. Radoslaw Putek welcomed the guests and summarized the most important events of recent months. Thus, among other things, the information on the further development of the company (including the opening of a new office in Portugal), the increase in the number of users of the platform, and the further growth of the WEBCON Partner Channel. The CEO also noted the importance of one of the year's most important events – WEBCON's strengthening of its leader position in the prestigious Computerworld Top200 report.

A keynote session was held just afterward, during which Lukasz Wróbel. WEBCON's CBDO pointed out that the purpose of his session and the annual meetings during WEBCON DAY is not to multiply more examples of workflows that can be easily created with WEBCON BPS. The idea behind the event is to inspire people to change the way they think about digital transformation – to start seeing it as the perfect blend of the right technology and an organizational culture that promotes change and collaboration.

Next on stage, Mike Fitzmaurice talked about how WEBCON technology can facilitate the implementation of change in an organization. WEBCON's Chief Evangelist discussed the platform's latest features, which will address today's users' needs for security in an innovative way. He also announced new features that will be implemented in the new version of the platform, WEBCON BPS 2024, summarizing the changes as broadening designer experience.

Success stories of the digital transformation leaders

Digital transformation isn't just about IT – it's also, and perhaps most importantly, about people. The next part of the conference, devoted to case studies of WEBCON Clients, began with this thought. "Digital transformation - the perfect combination of technology, people, and culture" was a presentation on the success story of PURO Hotels. Siren Knudsen, Head of Digital Transformation and IT presented the vision of digital transformation that the organization has put into practice. The speaker talked about preparing the company for the changes associated with digitization and implementing an MVP application development approach while engaging employees in the ongoing development of these solutions. The session was summarized from the technical side by a WEBCON expert, Adrian Baszak.

We learned about automating business processes in the banking industry during the next session. Marcin Małek, Director of the Implementation Department, and Michał Polak, Senior IT Project Manager, shared their story on how they developed a strategy for automating processes in an infrastructure-complex banking environment. Alior Bank's session "The evolution of the digital transformation strategy in a secure banking environment" was devoted to the development of electronic services in an organization for which security is the top priority. In addressing a number of security-related regulations, the Alior Bank team was supported by the WEBCON BPS platform.

The technical nuances of the project were complemented by a technical session led by WEBCON Premium Partner Nexpertis, who was also responsible for the implementation of low-code technology at Alior Bank. Michał Borowski, CEO at Nexpertis, shared the implementation best practices that his team applied in their project for Alior Bank.

Can automation support an organization's important values? The story presented during the next case study session proved that it definitely does. Adrian Pałka, Manager of the IT Department at Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, talked about how digital transformation supports crucial for the company Japanese values and standards in developing its business. WEBCON DAY 2023 attendees learned how a properly organized IT department supports employees' sense of empowerment and found out why low-code technology has proven to be the best solution for building custom applications at one of the world's leading industrial automation companies. The Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV session was summarized by a WEBCON expert, Tomasz Pytlak.

After this session, experts discussed how to massively deliver business applications in an organization during a panel discussion. The panelists discussed whether it is possible to create a so-called "application factory" – and effectively respond to the high demand for business applications. They also debated how to successfully engage end-users in the process of creating new apps. Panelists, who took part in the discussion were Marcin Grotowski, Digital Solutions Delivery Manager at No Limit; Adrian Pałka, IT Manager at Mitsubishi Electric; and Rafal Gliński, Director of Digitalization and BIM at HOCHTIEF Poland.

After a networking break, during which conference participants could visit the Expert Zone, where our team and members of the WEBCON Community were waiting for their questions, another case study session began. "Solid foundations: how to create a reliable application infrastructure around an ERP system?" was the title of the session led by Justyna Kawa. The Director of Finance of Archicom S.A. talked about the role of a well-organized IT infrastructure in supporting an organization – not only in terms of its day-to-day operations but also at the time of growth and acquisition of new companies. The session covered the history of the purchase of Archicom by ECHO Investment and the process of integrating these two organizations. Part of this complicated process was the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system, which was completed within the expected time and budget, and the system itself was effectively expanded. Justyna Kawa explained why the decision to create an ecosystem of business applications around ERP with the help of a low-code platform was made and what benefits this approach brought to the organization.

The case study session was followed by the technical session led by Paweł Hołdak. CEO of BPMRIDERS, a WEBCON Partner responsible for the implementation of WEBCON BPS at ECHO Investment & Archicom, presented the solutions built on the platform and explained how low-code technology contributed to the success of this impressive project.

As the last panel of the day started, we came back to the initial topic of the day: how to successfully build a bridge between IT and business to create new solutions. Siren Knudsen, Head of Digital Transformation & IT at PURO Hotels, Monika Domitrz, Senior Manager at PwC and Thomas Dengler, Team Lead in Corporate Development Department, Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen talked about their experiences in involving non-technical employees in the process of app development.

WEBCON MVPs: the best of the best!

Continuing the tradition started at last year's conference, the second part of the event began with a ceremony honoring the most active WEBCON BPS users who make exceptional contributions to spreading product knowledge, supporting other members of the international community, and creating inspiring materials on the use of low-code technology in practice.

WEBCON MVPs 2023 are: Daniel Krüger, Björn Poller, Markus Jenni, Robert Ogierman, Dominik Cholewiński, Raluca Lupu, Maksymilian Stachowiak and Karol Częczek.


Expert Zone: let’s talk about technology

During the official part of the conference, participants had the opportunity to talk with WEBCON specialists. It was a great opportunity to get first-hand information and discuss their ideas and challenges with those responsible for the development of the platform. Those wishing to do so were also able to talk to WEBCON Community members.

WEBCON DAY: how to transform your organization

For many years, WEBCON DAY has been attracting specialists, who are looking for new solutions and at the same time are willing to share their knowledge and thoughts with other digital transformation practitioners. The WEBCON conference is the only one of its kind in Poland, providing a forum of this scale for knowledge sharing among experts from around the world.

Since its beginning, the conference has been a unique source of knowledge and an opportunity to learn about various digital transformation implementation strategies first-hand - but the magic happens afterward, too, when our clients, inspired by the stories heard on the WEBCON DAY stage, return to their organizations with new ideas and plans for change. You can read more about the achievements of our Clients and Partners in the resource center. We also encourage you to follow our social media, where we share the most important information from the world of WEBCON and low-code on an ongoing basis.

We would like to thank you for your presence at this year's edition and warmly invite you next year. See you there!

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