We’re thrilled to introduce a brand new WEBCON BPS 2020 R3.

Each year, we launch a major new version of WEBCON BPS, enriched with cutting-edge functionalities that enable our clients to take their business process management to the next level. Throughout the year though, as we continue to develop the system, we publish smaller platform updates we call Releases. They include new features as well as hotfixes to the most recent version of the platform.

This year’s second release includes exciting new features, as well as enhancements to the 2020 version, that will bring even more freedom and flexibility to your business applications.

Read the detailed description of all changes introduced in WEBCON BPS 2020 R3 >>



  • New Vacation Chart form field

This new functionality will undoubtedly be appreciated by every manager, especially during the holiday season. From now on, it will be possible to graphically display scheduled employee absences directly on the form. An intuitive timeline illustrating the extent of absences will certainly prove itself useful to any manager who will easily check the availability of team members, schedule substitutions and decide to either accept or reject a leave request.



  • Ability to add custom elements to the form, thanks to the new HTML form field

With the new HTML form field, you can easily add custom elements to your forms, such as buttons, unique choice fields or custom form data presentation. All you need to do is create them in HTML and embed on the form.

Another improvement within the form is also a simplified way of displaying and editing URL links within the text field.



  • Process efficiency monitoring made easier with the new KPI Report

The new type of the "Key Performance Indicators" Report allows you to effectively monitor process performance. It shows whether the employees execute individual workflow steps within the required timeframes and lets you decide whether any of those steps requires optimization. Quality indicators can be defined for each workflow step, and an intuitive report can be displayed as part of the dashboards.

  • New look and feel of the comment field

The new appearance of the comment field increases the readability of the conversations conducted on the form by the end users.



  • More personalization features

We have introduced advanced personalization capabilities to selected platform elements. One of them is the ability to define custom color for any application, so that you can customize the appearance of the WEBCON BPS Portal to brand’s visual identity guidelines.



We have also simplified the configuration of displaying company logo in WEBCON BPS Portal.




WEBCON BPS 2020 R3 introduces webservice communication between WEBCON BPS Designer Studio and the WEBCON BPS platform server (in Standalone version of the platform). This is a particularly important change from the perspective of streamlining remote work, which at the same time facilitates compliance with the company's security policies.



The new set of actions allow for managing both groups and BPS user. They let you:

  • Create or delete a BPS group
  • Create, delete or modify BPS user data
  • Add and remove users from BPS groups



In WEBCON BPS Cloud installations, there’s also an additional action allowing for granting licenses to newly created BPS users.

These actions will significantly improve the onboarding process: creating a new BPS user, giving appropriate permissions or adding the new user to the right groups will now be able to happen automatically.


Read the detailed description of all changes introduced in WEBCON BPS 2020 R3.

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