WEBCON MVP 2023: Recognizing the Most Active Members of the WEBCON Community

This is the second edition of the prestigious WEBCON MVP program, which aims to honor the most active members of the WEBCON community who contribute to the WEBCON Community by sharing their knowledge and experience with other users of the WEBCON BPS platform.

WEBCON MVPs are experts and enthusiasts who not only create innovative solutions with the help of WEBCON BPS but are also ready to share their knowledge and experience with the wider community of platform users – and beyond. Distinguished professionals contribute to the spread of product knowledge, support other members of the international community, create inspiring materials, and represent WEBCON at industry events held around the world.

We are very pleased to announce the group of WEBCON MVPs 2023/2024:

Björn Poller - During his apprenticeship as an IT business manager, Björn realized that the combination of IT and business management suited him well. During his subsequent studies as a media informatician, he expanded his knowledge in the areas of e-commerce and online marketing. As early as 2000, he began implementing digitalization projects using MS Access. Since the end of 2019, he has been implementing solutions with WEBCON BPS and is an enthusiastic advocate of the platform. He enjoys writing on LinkedIn about topics related to low-code in general and implementations in WEBCON BPS in particular.

Daniel Krüger - Starting as a NAV Developer in 2004, Daniel turned into a full-time SharePoint developer in 2010. Most projects were about creating new applications / digitalizing processes. There was always something not quite right, but this changed when he learned about WEBCON BPS in 2018. It marks the second time he changed his primary development platform to deliver faster and better results.

Dominik Cholewiński - He started his career as a developer. Then, moving through the roles of SQL and SharePoint administrator and DevOps Engineer, he developed in an increasingly business-oriented direction. This allowed him to combine multiple roles simultaneously: project manager, service manager, team leader, or simply coordinator (as needed). For 12 years now, his combination of technical and business skills has allowed him to successfully deliver business value directly at Südzucker, and indirectly to the company's clients. The solutions he creates are largely delivered based on WEBCON BPS technology and its integration with the entire ecosystem.

Karol Częczek - He started working with the WEBCON BPS platform in 2013. He implemented the first workflows on version 7.7. During this time he had the opportunity to observe the development of the platform. He was responsible for and implemented workflows for many industries (education, retail, transportation, manufacturing). Currently, he has been involved in the construction sector for more than 3 years, developing applications with his team for the largest construction company in the country. Privately, he is passionate about audio equipment, specifically tube technology.

Markus Jenni - Markus developed an affinity for IT during his apprenticeship as an electronics technician and graduation as electronics engineer. He has been working for Nexplore AG, Thun, Switzerland since 1998; initially as a web developer, and later as a SharePoint developer. He has been implementing solutions with WEBCON BPS since 2017. Outside work, he enjoys endurance sports i.e. cycling, running, cross-country skiing.

Maksymilian Stachowiak - He had configured his first FREEBSD server before even starting high school. Since then, he has been deepening his knowledge in the IT field. He’s been professionally involved in programming and system integrations since he graduated with a degree in IT in 2020. He first got acquainted with WEBCON BPS in 2021 – and he’s been using the platform since then. As a hobby, he administers a private server (Linux) and tries to understand bits and bytes.

Raluca Lupu - Her career in programming began with a deep passion for web application development using C#. However, in 2020, she got acquainted with the world of low-code through WEBCON. This experience amplified her love for the profession, allowing me to provide faster and more efficient solutions to clients. With the help of the low-code platform, her desire to meet the needs of clients reached new heights.

Robert Ogierman - IT Project Coordinator at Raben Group since 2019. Prior to that, he had been working in consulting for 13 years (e.g. at Accenture) delivering projects for Fortune 500 companies (Oil Majors, NOCs, and leaders in the chemical and building materials industry), in more than a dozen countries on 3 continents (including USA, UAE, Ukraine). His business motto is "It is all about the people". Privately, he is married and has two sons. Fishing, mountains, and volleyball enthusiast.


Learn more about our program and check out how to join the ranks of WEBCON MVPs.

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