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Get WEBCON BPS Express. Use it in production for as long as you like. Forever, even. That includes updates – and first-time installation support.
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Take Digitalization for
a True Test Drive

30-day trials don’t work. Digitalizing processes takes time. Getting users to try out new applications takes time. Improving applications when you realize you’ve make a mistake or missed an opportunity (something WEBCON handles better than anyone) takes time. You need to feel what it’s like to own it, not what it feels like to try it. And the only way to do that is to actually own it. So we made that free.

You Won’t Be Flying Blind

We truly believe we’re the good guys in the world of low-code business process platforms, and you want you to see that for yourself. So we’ll help you install it. We’ll give you access to our forums, our knowledge bases, our examples, and our community. Oh, and updates for life. That’s what good guys do.

What’s the Catch?

We’d be lying if we said there’s no catch. If you want more than 10 GB of storage, or you want to do staged deployments and updates from development to testing to productions, or you want high availability, you have to pay for that. By the time you learn just how useful WEBCON BPS is, we suspect you won’t mind.

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Let our clients do the talking

WEBCON BPS allows us to address every business need by creating tailor-made applications with an internal IT team and to begin each project as soon as the requirements appear – without the need to look around for new, dedicated software solutions available on the market.

CIO at Siemens Finance

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With WEBCON BPS, the IT department has become an important ally to business because we can respond to their needs very quickly, by building dedicated solutions in just a few days. We can also guarantee that the need of introducing modifications in the running workflows won’t make us run for the hills.

Aplication Manager at Südzucker Polska

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30-day SaaS trial or on-prem Freemium

The online trial version has no installation, and minimal configuration. No IT involvement required.
Try it – you’ll like it.

30 – day trial

Check if you like it instantly – no installation required

Use & modify any of 20 pre-deployed sample applications

Design & evolve your own apps


Install on your On-prem or IaaS environment – with our help

There’s no time limit, so you can get to experience the entire application lifecycle

Storage limited to 10 GB, upgradeable via a commercial license key

Low-code Platform

WEBCON BPS is an integrated low-code BPM platform (Business Process Management) that helps companies effectively manage the workflow of tasks, information, and documents to greatly accelerate and optimize business processes.

WEBCON BPS helps you create standardized low-code solutions (business applications) tailored to the evolving needs of your business (as opposed to the off-the-shelf solutions). It also significantly decreases the costs of delivery, maintenance, development, and modification compared to classical tailor-made systems.

Online Demo

See what it’s like to use applications built with WEBCON BPS. Try our online platform demo to experience what it’s like to start a process, respond to tasks, track work, and analyze reports – from the end-user perspective – by taking the sample solutions we prepared for a test drive, such as Invoice Processing, Leave of Absence or Helpdesk & Ticketing.

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