Low-Code Changing the Game for System Integrators

Why do many channel providers remain surprisingly traditional when it comes to delivering software for customers? Check out the newest article by Mike Fitzmaurice published in Channel Vision Magazine.

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WEBCON in the Kevin Craine’s Digital Transformation Podcast

Join the discussion about the role of low-code platforms and citizen-assisted development movement in the journey towards digital transformation.

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WEBCON in the DevOps Paradox Podcast

In this episode hosts talk with Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist and VP at WEBCON about the low-code movement and its crucial benefits.

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Why do low-code projects fail? 4 common reasons

Low-code platforms have many benefits, however, far too many organizations try to use them expecting magic to occur. Why the disconnect?

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The newest release of WEBCON BPS in ChannelVision Mag

The US-based magazine shares details on the newest release of our low-code platform, WEBCON BPS 2022. Learn how they asses a range of new improvements implemented on the software.

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The year of low-code and development shakeups

The predictions of what we should expect in new year were the main topic of the brand new article of our very own Mike Fitzmaurice, VP of North America and Chief Evangelist at WEBCON, published on VMblog.com.

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