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The Swiss software provider prepared a webinar showcasing the capabilities of 3 BPM platforms: Microsoft Flow, NINTEX and WEBCON BPS.

Nexplore AG has researched and presented a business scenario based on an absence notification workflow (in German). The purpose was to compare the capabilities of WEBCON BPS with two other commercially available BPM solutions: Microsoft Flow and NINTEX.

Nexplore is a WEBCON partner that builds, integrates and operates solid, modern software solutions reliably and passionately since 1999. A dedicated team of Nexplore’s experienced consultants, developers and system engineers is committed to ensuring they effectively meet their client’s business goals and make their day-to-day work easier.

Using Nexplore solutions, companies can manage data, information and knowledge in a tailored and economical way, and to optimize both internal and external collaboration, paving their path into the digital and mobile age.

Watch the expert webinar here.