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Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist and VP of WEBCON North America was recently a guest of Kevin Craine’s Digital Transformation Podcast, a top 5 podcast for digital transformation, and no. 1 in its category on Apple Podcasts.

During this episode, they discussed the role of low-code platforms and citizen-assisted development movement in the journey towards digital transformation. We are proud to announce that the Kevin’s guest in this episode was Mike Fitzmaurice, Chief Evangelist and VP at WEBCON.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • what’s the difference between low-code and no-code solutions,
  • why adopting a low-code approach is a good way to embrace digital transformation,
  • how to avoid Shadow IT phenomenon,
  • what’s the idea behind Citizen-assisted Development and why it’s a better and more mature approach than Citizen Development,
  • how the WEBCON BPS low-code platform can help your organization to accelerate digital transformation

... and more!

Listen to the podcast:


About Mike Fitzmaurice:

Mike Fitzmaurice, Vice President, WEBCON North America
Mike has over 25 years of experience in consulting, engineering, marketing, evangelism, and IT management. Having spoken at countless international conferences, hosted numerous expert sessions and webinars, he is one of the most recognizable and prolific members of the SharePoint community worldwide, specializing in process automation and low-code development. His 11 years at Microsoft included helping launch the first four releases of SharePoint and positioning it as a development platform.

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