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Most awaited features of WEBCON BPS 8.2,NULL,We are pleased to announce the unveiling of our newest version of WEBCON BPS, known as 8.2.

This version introduces an array of innovations as well as numerous improvements to existing features, with these changes we hope to make working with WEBCON Business Process Suite an even more efficient and satisfying experience.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all new features added in 8.2, a full description can be found here . In the meantime however, we would like to specifically address these three following changes.

Brand new mobile applications

In WEBCON BPS 8.2 we rebuilt our mobile applications from the ground up. Compared to the previous versions, they have been stylistically updated, refreshed and adjusted to make better use of the newest mobile technologies. Understandably though, performance still plays the first fiddle. Adding HTML5 support to forms has bridged the gap between mobile and stationary devices, improvements to Web Part configuration allows them to now instantly display task lists and workflow elements on mobile devices as they would on a PC. Furthermore, making individual business processes available for mobile applications has been drastically simplified, and only takes a few seconds. We support the same operating systems as before, with mobile applications available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8. Their appearance and behavior is identical across all platforms, providing the same user experience, regardless of the device owned.

Intelligent OCR employing neural networks

WEBCON Business Process 8.2 introduces a completely new Optical Character Recognition solution – WEBCON BPS OCR AI. After creating a layer of text for scanned documents, OCR AI will cleverly scan for the desired keywords, like: date, account number, company name etc. The implementation of neural networks enabled a simple way to manually “educate” the system, as a result of this, characters and entire words will be recognized with even greater accuracy. The entire process has been designed around being simple and intuitive with the end user in mind. No previous experience or knowledge about Optical Character Recognition is required to fully benefit from OCR AI.

Integration with Office 365

We enhanced integration with Office 365 by adding applications that are available from the Office Store. These applications include: displaying a user’s task list and starting new processes, amongst other things. Integration combines the advantages of cloud storage and an “On-premises” environment. Thanks to SSO (Single-Sign-On) users only need to log in once, and remain unexposed to the inner workings of the integration mechanisms.

The functionalities presented above, are merely a preview of full scale of improvements introduced in 8.2. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the article comprehensively describing and summarizing all of the changes we made. We would also like to remind you that clients who own an active Software Assurance package may upgrade to the newest version for free.

Download document about new version of WEBCON BPS