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Our partner network continues to grow! It is our pleasure to welcome Net at Work from Paderborn, Germany.

We first met Net at Work in November at the ESPC 2015 conference in Stockholm. From the start, it was clear we shared common goals and principles, and we were keen to explore the possibility of a partnership. Specialists from Net at Work place a high value on competencies and providing new solutions to their clients, which is something we prioritize here at WEBCON as well.

Lukasz Wrobel, Vice-President of WEBCON

Net at Work is a leading Microsoft partner in Germany. They specialize in delivering cutting-edge, IT-based business solutions that optimize communication and cooperation processes within a company. Their long list of clients include major corporations like Spiegel Group, MIELE and Swiss Life.

Among Net at Work’s many areas of expertise is Microsoft SharePoint. The company offers training and implementation for infrastructure, migration and security on the SharePoint platform. And we know that an important aspect of any successful SharePoint integration is the ability to create new and useful business applications.

WEBCON BPS enables Net at Work to create applications for clients much faster than a plain “vanilla” SharePoint environment would allow. By being able to offer WEBCON BPS to current and prospective clients, Net at Work has gained a valuable advantage on the highly-competitive IT market.