WEBCON for Puls Biznesu on Process Automation in HR

Puls Biznesu magazine published a piece by Łukasz Wróbel, SVP WEBCON, on building corporate innovation, and how implementation consistency is one of the most important company practices.

Even the best idea to improve something in the company is doomed to fail if we are unable to execute it. Mechanisms that allow a company’s employees to apply new ideas in their work must be introduced. Writing down procedures and releasing them through the intranet may not be enough. There must be a way to make an idea a reality. One effective method is the introduction of business applications, which efficiently promote new procedures among users and enforce compliance.

How does this work in reality? For example, we know that we are most effective when we can react to a submitted resume immediately, while the candidate is still thinking about the job at our company. This can be particularly important during declining unemployment and other problems with finding workers. It turns out that we often have no idea how many applications we have at any given time, how many people have already received a response, and how many are still waiting for one. With an appropriate mechanism, we can register all incoming documents and automatically assign them to the individuals responsible. We can even assign such actions to specific time frames of our preference or have automatic escalation mechanisms.
The mechanism, in this case a business application, will make sure to prepare the job offer appropriately ahead of time, deliver it to the candidate in the right format, and communicate properly and in due time. We can automate other processes in the same way, and there’s much more.

Not all processes handled by HR are carried out in HR. One example is onboarding, which potentially involves administration, purchasing, and IT. When the decision to hire a given candidate is made, it generates numerous tasks outside the competencies of HR, even though HR still coordinates them.

The business application should ensure that everything is running according to plan, and to allow the new employee to work effectively from their first day on the job. For example with IT, the system will create an agreement based on the appropriate template, obtain required approvals in advance, and notify IT of the need to prepare the workstation. It will also automatically verify task completion stages and launch escalation procedures when there are delays.

It is also important to have business applications that are flexible and easily modifiable. Best practices evolve in accordance with the needs of your organization. We must consider more than just today’s needs, but keep in mind that the business environment is constantly in flux. The system we choose to support our company’s business applications must provide the flexibility to implement changes quickly and without requiring additional high costs or considerable time.

The full article (in Polish) is available on Puls Biznesu website.

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