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If your daily work involves SharePoint, you’ve probably heard of website which connect hundreds of SP users, admins, developers and experts. It is a great source of wide knowledge about the most popular work group platform worldwide. Recently reviewed WEBCON Business Process Suite and we are happy to share the findings!

SharePoint Community reviews WEBCON BPS

The article ‘Review of the WEBCON Business Process Suite for SharePoint’ has been written by Vlad Catrinescu – a widely recognized SharePoint Consultant and Administrator with Microsoft MVP title.

At the very beginning of the article, author underlines one, particularly important aspect of SP use: ‘SharePoint's template workflows are very easy to be applied and almost nothing can go wrong, however you can't do much. (…) This makes companies often require consultants and developers to create their workflows, which can become a very long process in order to profit from all the ROI SharePoint has to offer.

This is where WEBCON BPS comes in, and in Vlad’s words: ‘(…) WEBCON solves multiple challenges that companies currently have with SharePoint workflows; from reducing the time required to design a workflow, to dedicated mobile apps and even OCR’.

Then the author begins with more detailed review. First step is of course installation which in WEBCON BPS is ‘pretty straightforward’ and held by an installer. After the installation, system allows for creating first workflow through built-in wizard. Catrinescu explains the whole process step by step and commends the system for its simplicity, time to market and variety of out of the box configuration options.

Later on in the review, we can read about additional features of WEBCON Business Process Suite. First of all, Vlad likes dedicated mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone which ‘don’t rely on the HTML rendering of SharePoint which, even if it's a lot better in SharePoint 2013, still doesn't match the experience you get from a dedicated app.’

Then comes the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with its capability to automatically fill in form fields based on values stated in hardcopies, automatic registration of documents incoming via e-mails and significant reduction of time needed to process and (later on) find documents.

Overall, Catrinescu states that WEBCON Business Process Suite is a truly comprehensive solution for SharePoint that (even for so experienced SharePoint Expert like him) reduces time needed to create workflows by at least a half. Additionally its capabilities far outreach standard SharePoint features, which makes the whole platform capable of responding to wide variety of business needs.

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