Meet us in Washington D.C. during SharePoint Fest, a conference that brings together the world’s leading experts in SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Azure! 58 speakers, 136 insightful sessions, 500 participants – that’s what awaits the attendees of this year’s SPF D.C.

We are proud to be supporting the event as the Platinum Sponsor, and cannot wait to talk to you about business process automation and management with low-code/no-code platforms.


SharePoint Fest Wahington DC 2020


Our Chief Evangelist & VP of WEBCON North America, Mike Fitzmaurice will be hosting four expert sessions about stage-based workflows, building business processes, how to select the right tool depending on the automation problem at hand and many more:


FLO103 - Stage-Based Workflows: Principles and Practices

One feature that differentiates the Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) Premium plan is Business Process Flows; they're the Power Automate platform's implementation of stage/state machine logic. SharePoint Designer 2013 supports it, as do ISVs like WEBCON and Nintex. They allow workflows to move backwards, sideways, or any other way. They explain processes more easily. They're easier for users to participate in design. They're easier to modify. They're just, well, better.

This session will start by explaining how stage-based designs and processes work, move on to why they're often far better than classic sequential processes, and conclude with examples of how to build and run such solutions. It's the most useful workflow "secret" you can possibly learn.


SOL03 - Watch WEBCON Make Process Evolution Painless and Productive

Workflows that work aren’t just designed, deployed, and discarded. Every successful business process receives regular attention and continuous improvement. Watch us take you through a real-world process that started out looking like a “simple approval”; the more people used it and thought about it, the more they realized it was anything but simple and involved far more than just an approval. WEBCON made it easy to evolve applications accordingly, repeatedly, and without disruption. We’ll show you how in under 30 minutes.


FLO203 - Building Business Processes that Can & Will Evolve: Product-Neutral Principles

Far more than data management apps, workflow solutions need to factor in the need for frequent change. You should expect even the best-designed models and applications to be regularly modified -- and that's a good thing.

This has an impact on how to design processes, how to create forms and reports, how to connect to external data, and how to maintain internal data.

This session will talk about reasons why workflow solutions need to be modified so often, why you should embrace this, and strategies and tactics for addressing it. Its advice can be applied to Microsoft Power Automate (Flow), SharePoint Designer, WEBCON BPS, FireStart, Nintex, K2, or most anything else.


FLO302 - When To Use What: Using The Automation Tool for The Right Task

Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) is a great fit for many automation problems. But there's more than one kind of Flow which can be built with Microsoft Power Automate. Some business problems that need transaction support. Others need to manage content Some involve data harvesting. Or systems administration. Or data synchronization. Different use cases need different types of tools.

This session is all about making sure you use a hammer to pound nails and a screwdriver to twist bolts; we'll mention some third-party offerings in addition to Microsoft-delivered tech, but we won't play favorites.

To find out more about SPF D.C. and register, go to events website.

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