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Learn all the practical how-to’s and use WEBCON BPS more effectively

Automating processes with WEBCON BPS
webinar by Mike Fitzmaurice
April 15, 9:00 AM Pacific Time

WEBCON BPS Designer Studio training

Take full advantage of WEBCON BPS and create workflows and forms easily

This training will equip you with the necessary skills to navigate and utilize the expansive tool that is WEBCON BPS Designer Studio. The training is a hands-on workshop during which you will develop your own business application on prepared training environments. We will begin by designing the three cornerstones of a business application – workflow, form, and site – and then proceed to add actions, rules, Web Parts, data sources, and continuously improve our application with each exercise. Simply put – the training includes everything you need to acquaint yourself with WEBCON BPS.

The course is exceedingly popular among our clients and is available in two and three day variants. It is a great entry point into the world of WEBCON BPS that will give you some insight into our application design philosophy and a sense of orientation inside WEBCON BPS Designer Studio.

The aim of this training is to make participants comfortable around WEBCON BPS and provide a roadmap for you to systematically develop your own skills and – in time – master everything WEBCON BPS has to offer.

Among other things, the training includes:

  • Layout, purpose, and capabilities of WEBCON BPS Designer Studio
  • Develop your own workflows along with complimentary forms inside WEBCON BPS
  • Introduction to the WEBCON BPS Portal interface and WEBCON BPS Web Parts
  • Configuration of internal and external data sources
  • Soup up your workflows with powerful actions and complex task assignment possibilities.
  • Enhance your business logic with Business rules and SQL queries
  • Customize your end user interface with Form rules and JavaScript
  • Learn a wide array of useful tips, tricks, and best practices from our team of WEBCON BPS experts – from first analysis to the nitty-gritty of everyday maintenance.

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System introduction

  • WEBCON BPS overview
  • Finding your way around Designer Studio
  • System settings

Getting started

  • Your first application and process
  • Designing a workflow – steps, paths, task assignment
  • Designing a form – fields, composition, layout, behavior
  • Designing a site – WEBCON BPS Portal and SharePoint

Flesh out your application

  • Adding automated features to your form
  • Add conditions to your business logic
  • Add unique numbering by form and workflow
  • Send notifications about tasks and updates
  • Show data from your database
  • Accessing external data sources
  • Introduce conditional path choice/task assignment based on a certain parameter
  • Task assignment parameters and assigning tasks to multiple people
  • How to use admin mode and how to troubleshoot with instance history
  • Different types and uses of picker fields
  • Item lists – columns and calculated columns
  • Organizing your form fields into groups and tabs


Site Design

  • Tips and tricks on how to make your Portal and SharePoint sites look good
  • Advanced reports


  • Customize the look and feel of your form with Form rules and JavaScript
  • Tips on making user-friendly and interactive forms

Automated workflows and sub-workflows

  • Creating relations between workflows
  • Automatic workflow launch with HotFolders and HotMailBoxes
  • Initializing workflows with SQL
  • SQL tips and tricks


  • How to approach projects of various sizes
  • Essential questions to ask during analytical workshops with business users
  • How to prepare analytical documentation


  • OCR AI mechanism overview
  • How to use OCR for invoices and documents?
  • Maintaining your OCR AI network

Plugin basics

  • Introduction to SDK – Documentation, templates, plugin types and examples
  • Design your own form fields or redesign existing ones
  • Connect to custom data sources

WEBCON Software Development Kit training

WEBCON BPS SDK training is designed for programmers who intend to take full advantage of the capabilities offered by WEBCON Software Development Kit. The scope of the course includes theory and practical knowledge on how to create custom controls, actions, fields, integrations, etc.

Among the most commonly used capabilities of the package, there are: 

  • starting workflows through external systems
  • creating new form controls and modifying standard ones
  • creating custom actions, based e.g. on webservices
  • defining custom data sources (other than Oracle DB, MS SQL which are available as a standard)
  • creating custom print label templates

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  • Introduction to SDK – Developer’s Package (Documentation, templates and examples)
  • Plugin types
  • Creating plugins (dll, ascx)
  • Plugin base classes
  • Available operations through SDK
  • Logic of transitioning between steps
  • Custom actions, exercises
  • Configuring custom actions
  • Action execution status
  • Loading data from and into form fields
  • Operations on the current workflow instance
  • Starting workflows and modifying the workflows instances
  • Custom business rules
  • Creating custom business rules


  • Custom data sources
  • Creating custom data source
  • Form field extensions
  • Creating form field extensions
  • Custom form fields
  • Creating custom form fields
  • Item list extensions
  • Creating Item list extensions
  • Example of a custom label printing template
  • Q&A