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DIY implementation 

WEBCON BPS is intuitive enough that your IT team can implement it in-house if you so choose. You’ll save costs, save time and keep your stakeholders happy. DIY implementations can be further assisted through:


Improving the skills of your IT personnel opens the door to significant cost savings by eliminating the need to use third party services.
Learn more about training services offered by WEBCON.

Knowledge base

Take full advantage of the flexibility offered by WEBCON BPS, configure the platform and learn how to solve specific business cases on the WEBCON expert blogs.

Implementation by WEBCON

Sit back and relax while WEBCON’s implementation team delivers a fully-customized business process management system, with immediate and tangible time and cost savings. Expect nothing less than top-quality business process optimization, and benefit from WEBCON BPS’s full potential in a timely and convenient way. Since we employ an iterative approach, you have full control of the project at every stage of the implementation.

A WEBCON BPS implementation project is typically divided into 7 steps:

  • Analysis – learning the details of existing business processes and evaluating implementation requirements, while specifying the necessary processes in detail;
  • Development – developing business processes in WEBCON BPS in the development environment. Once this phase is completed, processes are exported into the client’s environment;
  • UAT (User Acceptance Test) – a client-run user test run with the support of WEBCON
  • Implementation – a complete transfer of the completed solution to the client’s production environment;
  • PAT (Production Acceptance Test) – a client-run test on the production environment;
  • Documentation – creation of technical documentation covering the implementation process.

All phases of an implementation project are carried out using a methodology similar to agile, allowing the client to evaluate progress and request changes at any project stage.

Implementation through partners

Together with our global Partner network, we offer top quality software and support, as well as business consulting in the field of business process optimization. Our partners are vetted professionals with technical knowledge and experience. The combination of mutual skills offered between WEBCON and our partners guarantees the long-term satisfaction of all of our clients.