Part 4 of WEBCON BPS review by Michael Greth: usability and personal productivity

The crux of the digital transformation lies in convincing end users to actually use and embrace a business application, especially when that application is critical to innovation. Watch SharePoint MVP Michael Greth and Holger Fleck from Axians Deutschland explain how WEBCON BPS boosts the usability, and ultimately lovability, of business applications.

The purpose of business applications is to facilitate innovation in an organization, and they can do just that, provided they are actually used. What really prompts end users to adopt the latest IT solution is the conviction that doing so makes their job easier and faster.

In part 4 of his video review of WEBCON BPS, SharePoint MVP Michael Greth interviews Holger Fleck from Axians Deutschland to discuss how the platform uses personal productivity tools to boost the usability, and ultimately lovability, of business applications.

The episode first discusses the “enablers” that assist in application navigation and obtaining instructions, such as graphical previews, custom instructions, tool tips under buttons, and even including video tutorials that can be embedded in a form.

Second, we cover what WEBCON BPS offers in terms of document processing automation, including filling forms with data, generating files based on entered data, updating documents generated based on metadata, and so on. All of this is made possible thanks to a smart Microsoft Word add-in.

On the other hand, the Outlook add-in enables you to send documents via e-mail, initiate a workflow via e-mail, drag & drop files between a workflow and e-mail, see an email-level preview of a workflow, and track changes from the email attachment level. All changes are of course sealed with the digital signature of management, which approves the final version and prevents any unauthorized amendments.

Watch the interview below [in German].


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